Newborn Sleep: When to Give Up Baby Feeding at Night

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Watch as Parents shows you when to give up baby feeding at night! Helping your baby wean herself off of nighttime feedings at around four months old will be more productive as she begins a new baby sleep schedule. While your baby used to need fuel throughout the night to get a good night’s sleep, it will be counterproductive to do a late feeding as she gets older. Long stretches of uninterrupted sleep are necessary at this new stage, and a new baby feeding schedule is a part of this new routine. During this crucial down time, eating could disrupt the mind and body’s abilities to process new information and activate the body once more. If your newborn sleep patterns during this time become turned on due to feedings, your baby may miss out on restorative sleep that she really needs. By not performing baby feeding during the night, her metabolism is able to be slowed down. Don’t worry about any potential calories she may lose during nighttime feedings. She will naturally eat more during the day to make up for any lost food that she would have eaten at night. Withholding feeding at night once your baby is four months old is a crucial step if you’re learning how to get baby to sleep soundly and peacefully each night!

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Claudia B says:

This video is kinda lame. It implies that parents purposefully wakes up
their baby at night for a feeding. No parent ever had done that. When
babies want to eat at night, they will cry for food. When they don’t want
to eat at night, they will sleep. 

Jessica Chyorny says:

Yes but what about when a breastfed baby wakes up on their own asking to
nurse. My daughter has always done that. She’s 20 months old and still
wakes up asking. She eats a lot during the day and is in the 80% in height.

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