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Wanna know what food I eat and what morning routine workouts I do? Here are allllll my secrets!
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SO, as you know, I’ve been doing a HUGE series of routine videos for 2014 (possibly because it rhymes) and this my new morning routine video! To make sure you’ve seen each one, here is my checklist so far!
School Morning Routine:
After School Routine:
School Night Routine:
Running Late Routine:
Slumber Party Routine:
Weekend Morning Routine:
Everyday Hair Routine:
Getting Ready Routine for a Date:
Getting Ready Routine for the Beach: …………………………………………………………MY MAIL ADDRESS: (If you would like to send me anything):

11821 Mississippi Ave
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vatrine wilson says:

I have an epic fail in my toast. I put whole egg and 1 teaspoon of cinammon
abd it doesn’t have a taste but I ate it with 1 teaspoon of jam
anyway….can 1 teaspoon of cinmmon make me fat?

bethanynicole says:

im not hating or anything I’m just saying i had to stop watching the video
bc you were smacking your lips together and making that noise and i know it
annoys a lot of people. just thought i would tell you.

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My school does not have swimming pool. So sad

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no my school dont have a pool loved your video meg PS…ALEXIA

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Whats the workouts channel

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What is the Pilaties youtube called??? 

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I study in middle school, and the middle school is connected to the high
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school has 3 pools

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Im in middle school and yes

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year had a pool

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annabelle_roh your such an inspiration :) and your hilarious and i love how
you don’t care what people think about you being you! you are perfect!

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Yes my school has a pool(high school and middle school)

alexa Pirnie says:

You would look sooo pretty with short hair, if you ever were to cut it. Im
not saying your not pretty cuz your georgous but.. you get the idea.

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