How to Make Banana Puree for Babies | Baby Food

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Learn how to make banana puree baby food from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


cheng seng tan says:

Everyone knows how to make this even a child!!!!

Ana Spencer says:

Omg….waste of time!! :(

Shenni Brown says:

Please tell me wear you got that top! I have a dress just like it in black
but my cousin got it for me. So I don’t know wear she got it!

xTrAx says:

I am eating chicken and watching this tutorial showing me how to smash a
banana, Anyone doing teh same? xD

DerBaglamaci says:

I never knew how to make banana puree thank you so much for this video!!

Yun Hee Choi says:

I think it’s pretty common sense. I am not judging but really… 

meesternadim says:

I am not mexican.

TheTerminusX says:

I didn’t get it…Please explain

Solidus106 says:

I want a banana now

coolcat13 says:

This is not even a recipe!?

Adriana Vonjo says:

Babies should eat puree foods not just be breast fed.

meesternadim says:


meesternadim says:


meesternadim says:


Becca Martin says:

A baby should try eating new foods AFTER the age of one. Before then, they
are more prone to allergies. Until then, they should be bottle feed/breast
fed only. 

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