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How To Make Banana Spinach Puree: Here is a great recipe for your toddlers! This is an easy, healthy, and delicious puree that can be quickly. Your baby will love this and so will you! Tell us what you think! Post your comments below.

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rana zahid says:

hey dear son is 16 month old and his hemoglobin is 9.2 ,,,what should
i do plz guys help me

JoyKaira286 says:

She double dipped… :(

Lovelyn Sjostrom says:

You should talk about age in your video. You made me feed my 6months old
raw spinach and banana and i understand now that its not age appropriate
for him.

grumpy blue says:

HI, It’s going to be my first time making spinach so I just want to double
check. You don’t need to cook spinach?
Thank you 

LifeisaBigShow says:

aww your baby is so adorable! thanks for the tutorial. it comes in handy.
lol. i rather make homemade baby food so i been looking up recipes. 

thinprincess87 says:

My son loves spinach with banana and avocado with banana. I’m gonna try
spinach-avocado-banana this weekend for him I’m sure he’s gonna love it.

thinprincess87 says:

baby bullet

Palmina D'Alessandro says:

Baby Bullet instructions state not to have motor running for more than a
minute at once because it burns out the small motor :-) I also have spinach
and banana smoothies in the morning :-) 

Palmina D'Alessandro says:

67,294 people loved the banana phone :-)

Prakash Chowdary says:

baby girl is really active and really doing great!!!!!
does it is good for my 7month baby

Gggg says:

I heard ur not suppose to give homemade spinach baby food….

Weelicious says:

Aww thank you!

Weelicious says:

They have a lot of fun. It’s been a great experience for all of us!

Tianna Martinez says:

How Much Is The Baby Bullet

nunuz nunu says:

shud i steam the spinach b4 puting into the blender??

Weelicious says:

It would be perfect for him!

greenprincesa says:

Is it true that bananas r not good to feed to a baby with eczema??? My baby
loves bananas but sufers from extremely dry skin:/

Weelicious says:

Your baby could start eating this at 5 or 6 months old :)

Nancy L. says:

Would adding some orange juice be good? I know that taking iron with orange
juice helps absorb the iron ?

Weelicious says:

Go you!

mayanking126 says:

Thought you should know that you were talking into a bannana 8) haha very
good puree

Weelicious says:

Any blender will work!

Weelicious says:

That is a question for your pediatrician!

tdrice1 says:

You seem like such a fun mom

dk48rfgj says:

Cases of contaminated produce are fairly common these days cook the
spinach, better safe than sorry. Cooking spinach also makes the nutrition
more available.

lisaharrd says:

recipe sounds great but do not know about the bullet seems weak power can’t
even blend two smiple and very soft ingrdients i will use my vitamix
blender thx for shring

octavio banuelos says:

Great recipes i am going to try them for my son when he turns 5 mnts next
month.thank you for sharing.

Chastine Nguyen says:

True @Kimberly Tetrault

Weelicious says:

Use a ripe banana!

Gggg says:

Also r babies allowed to have raw spinach??? Lol

Cat Nguyen says:

@jgswife I love ur cooking and how ur children love to cook with u.

lisaharrd says:

yes you r right thank you for sharing your son is sooo beautiful.

Weelicious says:

Yes that would be great!

Bircu Arina says:

Isn’t this too much potassium ?

anastasia hana says:

How many kids do u have

Cat Nguyen says:

@jgswife and how did u come up with weelicous?the name?

anastasia hana says:

I was born. With dry skin (eczema)

Weelicious says:

I just loved it (and it was available online :)

octavio banuelos says:

Could i use the nutri bullet

Weelicious says:

Nope! Leave it raw!

Weelicious says:

Thank you!

Aline P. says:

You are a beautiful mom and super fun! =D

Weelicious says:

That’s sweet!

jessiej311 says:

im not even a baby and this is still good.thanks

Weelicious says:

You can also make sure to wash it really well!

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