How to Make Avocado Mash for Babies | Baby Food

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Learn how to make avocado mash baby food from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.


cheng seng tan says:

Why I don’t know

Priscilla Diaz says:

i didnt know you need a how to video to mash avocados??

ninejets says:

how the hell did i get here?!

Solidus106 says:

Plot twist:

A mexican does this and calls it guacamole 

iimonsterfox says:

“Yeah a video on how to smash avocado’s woohoo” She actually gives advice
in these videos, it’s not just her saying “Here, take an avocado, cut it
open, smash it, tada” She’s giving new mothers and soon to be first time
mothers advice on how and when to feed this to their child, and how long it
lasts in the fridge, etc. Stop complaining, you clicked the video, you
obviously didn’t know how to make it or you wouldn’t have been interested
in watching it.

emylee idk says:

why am i watch this i am a 15 year old girl who’s never even touched a guy 

JanelleRomeo1995 says:

5th :P

thinprincess87 says:

bananas & avocado is great for babies 

taha hormozan says:

Wow such a rocket science I realy couldn’t imagine how can I smash an

TobyTProductions says:


LuciHxdson says:


DrumRoody says:

If you need a video to teach you how to mash avocado you shouldn’t be
having children.

Princeduclare says:

Its healthier if you substitute wasabi for avocado 

someonexonline says:

That is not baby food, that’s guacamole. 

Ketan Kocharekar says:

1st comment :p 

Dave Macias says:


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