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Banana Bites Recipe: These Banana Bites are simple, healthy, and easy to prepare. In this video we show you how simple it is to create a delicious meal that is not only great for toddlers and kids, but adults as well. What did you think of this one? Post your comments below.

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Desai Ami says:

Hallo mam I’m from India (Gujarat) my name is ami Desai. I have 10 month
baby plz send me vegetarian recipe soup what ever plz post me healthy
recipe for my small babies thanks

charmine guiang says:

cute introduction :)

Miss Amanda's world says:

Could you do this with kther fruits like pears? I know orange is probaly to
soft and other foods to hard and some foods to small

Yessenia Medina says:

Definately gonna give this recipe a try. I have such a picky eater. Thanks!

Question Everything says:

Aw! Chloe is a beautiful little baby! This recipe is perfect for my 2 1/2
year old 2nd cousin. He loves anything made with banana. I’m taking care of
him, because my cousin and her husband are in Hawaii for a month. This
morning , I gave him a smoothie of banana and strawberry with whole milk.
Love your video! :)

Alice Keegan says:

This is perfect for my 2 year old Thanks (Alice’s Mum)

Fran Miranda says:

Its that pancake mix? 

sally king says:

chloe is the star of this video. What a great actor, all the right looks
and sounds at the right time, especially sharing towards the end.
Soooo cute.

Theresa A says:

You’re so welcome smooches.

babygirlsmay42011 says:

Aweee she is Adorible how old is she?

Weelicious says:


Katy B says:


Weelicious says:

Thank you! I agree! 😉

Johannea72 says:

I made these for my 13 month old’s snack today and she devoured three
pieces!! She loved them! Thanks again!

Weelicious says:

Awesome! Thanks for watching!

Nattakarn June says:

lovee love loveeeee all of yur vdo and i don’t even hav kid lol

Theresa A says:

This is such a great recipe idea, thanks for everything you put into this
video !

rosa dondiego says:

my baby nathan loved them

tanyavaladez says:

Thanks for the video i have a 21 month old and she’s a picky eater! so im
going check more of your videos tanx:)

Weelicious says:

That’s SO awesome!

Weelicious says:


Weelicious says:

Chloe was so little in this video! She is 3 1/2 now! Time really does fly!

fey saelee says:

She is so cute

Weelicious says:

You can go on weelicious and look at the toddler recipes for hundreds of
ideas. Sign up for the newsletter and get a new family friendly recipe
several times a week!

Johannea72 says:

Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much I appreciate this video!!! I have
been so desperate to make something different for my one year-old. I’m so
happy, thank you

Sandra Vazquez says:

I just made these for my almost 10 month old and they are absolutely
delicious!! Thanks a million I was really running out of ideas.

Weelicious says:

I agree! :)

Weelicious says:

I’m so glad they were a hit! :)

Miss Amanda's world says:

@Catherine McCord yes time dose fly it seems like just yesterday being
oldest and fact dad worked and my mother only cooked rubber if ya get drift
i at 10 was cooking family dinner with next in line sis on step stool and
the baby at time on my hip. honestly famklies grown but i want to know
where time went im 27 next in line sis is about to turn 23 we have added
several siblijgs sence and cant believe the two youngest the baby babies
are almost 9 and 5.

Weelicious says:

:) Thanks for watching!

Weelicious says:

Wow it sounds like you have a big family full of awesome memories!

LadybugGirlShow says:

I want to try this one! Great idea 😀

Weelicious says:

Thank you so much!

lilyleon2901ll says:

How cute and nice Mommy and daughter love

debbie saldazar says:

sooo yummmy & e-z 2 make. good 4 picky eaters. my girl loves these & me too
😉 funfood.

serena1luv says:

I love ur videos especially rgg in hole my picky twins must have with
ketchup 😉

vttran88 says:


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