Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby: Healthy Food Choices

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Dr. Siobhan Dolan goes food shopping to talk about the essential nutrients pregnant women need, and provides tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy diet.


therawfooddiet says:

Thanks for video :) It makes sense and can be usefull so much. PLease don’t
forget to watch my videos!!!

gadionson1 says:

its pretty cool ha… very cool

Amber Crenshaw says:

No juice? So all you can drink is water and milk?

Ashersen says:

very well educated woman.

GettingPregnant37 says:

all i can say is wow

lwaezi says:

i would to get pregnent so what should i eat

sparks199 says:

Lol! Olga

Halation2 says:

WTF @ Olga???

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