Healthy Homemade Baby Food: How to Make Roast Ginger Apple Puree -Weelicious

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Healthy Homemade Baby Food: How to Make Roast Ginger Apple Puree -Weelicious

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Making your own baby food is easy, and you know what is going in to your baby’s diet as he or she takes those first bites of solid food! This Roast Ginger Apple Puree is like a spiced up applesauce that kids of all ages will enjoy. Find more baby food purees and recipes for the whole family in the Weelicious: One Family. One Meal. cookbook!
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Healthy Homemade Baby Food: How to Make Roast Ginger Apple Puree

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Emma Grigoryan says:

it would be so wonderful if you were indicating from which month you can
give the baby food you make in the information box !

74tannya says:

Can you do a video on easy healthy cake pops.

yousefnono says:

Love it, I mean I can share that apples as a healthy dessert for me too :)

eshani2134 says:

Wow seems like you could eat it yourself 😉

isabella lamas says:

omg ya easy cake pops!!!

vivienetran02 says:

haha hi fluky

mimi summer says:

Goo goo gaga *clicks likes*

vivienetran02 says:


Weelicious says:


vivienetran02 says:

can u make a healthy fruit kebabs? please….

esha khan says:

Can I use butter paper

mooochypooochy says:


KellysKitchenx says:

Hello! I am SO happy that you’ve made a recently uploaded video!! We always
make your recipes at home hehe! I am going to try this one later today! I
am a 13 year old and i LOVE to cook for my baby cousin! Could you do easy
cupcakes or cake pops!! Thanks 😀

baoyang6288 says:


Weelicious says:

I haven’t heard of butter paper.

Shakira Tran says:


pinkfreakz09 says:

Could you like make a video of urmm easy cake pops:)

Weelicious says:


vivienetran02 says:

Hi sis

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