Healthy Food Choices: Organic Baby Food

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Organic baby foods are a healthy choice for those beginning stages of development. Learn more about making healthy organic choices in this video.


yummyspoonfuls says:

Great Video! I can’t even stress how important it is for us to take the
toxins out of our kids meals. Baby food in a jar can sometimes have an
expiration date 2 years away, the food our babies could be eating would be
older than they are!

Doin ItRight says:

I’ve always had 100% faith that you would be an incredible mother. There
isn’t a single person on this planet I would want mothering Lincoln other
than you. I know it’s not always easy and I wish I could lend a helping
hand but you have really outdone any already super high expectation anyone
could possibly have of you. I cannot thank you enough for being as strong
and understanding as any superhuman could possibly be in your situation.
Your strength and love is inspiring. Thank you so so much

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