Healthy Family Pasta | Michela Chiappa

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This simple pasta recipe is a perfect baby food idea and great for the whole family to enjoy at the same time. All the goodness of courgettes with tasty cheese and a nutritious egg all around cute little pastini shapes. It’s super-tasty whatever your age!

This Chiappa family recipe was made for Michela by her mum and now they are both cooking for baby Fiamma. For more great baby food recipes which can be enjoyed by the whole family head over to the Chiappas channel right now:

Would you like to see more baby & family food recipes on Food Tube guys? Then let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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TheMarmite09 says:

the baby looks like an angel

linited says:

I’ve seen those little star pastas before and never knew what one would
make from it. Now I really want to make this. Though I’m 21 and no where
near as adorable as your little girl. Like an angel. What would you add or
do to make it for adults?

Dolly Perry says:

Okay Jamie, I’m confused. Is a “Corgette” (sp) a zucchini or an eggplant?

Camila Bolívar says:

Isn’t she (Fiamma) one of the most beautiful babies YouTube has ever known?
Wow, and the pasta looks so delicious!

French Guy Cooking says:

craving for Pastina right now

Girlique says:

I have an 11 year old who hates zucchini – I’m going to make this for him

Maria Pia D'Avino says:

Chiappa = butt cheek in Italian

Fotografando à Mesa says:

I’m not even a baby and I’m dying to eat this pasta! <3

1pxpx says:

Great recipe! You look absolutely beautiful btw :)

Maxwell A says:

that baby eye’s is so beautiful.

MrKevinLei says:

The most adorable thing in the video was the baby-

sized pot in which the pasta was cooked :D

eppieling says:

I’m 28 and also want to try this :p btw your daughter is such a beautiful
girl! Especially the little clap in the end is so cute! 

Winter Littell says:

This looks like pure comfort! I will be making this for sure. In response
to other comments, to make it truly vegetarian, the cheese must be made
with vegetable rennet, not the traditional animal rennet. As always, using
organic, pasture-raised eggs and cheese are best for you, the animals, the
local farmers/economy and the planet as a whole.

ThisIsMyFullName says:

Great example of how baby food can be exactly the same as adult food. Only
thing I would add is a bit of sour flavour, to cut through the heaviness of
the dish.

rcjm21 says:

Great food! And for all those vegans out there,you really dont deserve to
see recipies,grab a potato and go back to the caves you came out of

Mia Mueller says:

i was under the impression that parmesan (along with several other cheese)
is not vegetarian because of the rennet (calf’s stomach enzyme)? i only
just recently learned about this rennet ingredient and as a vegetarian i’d
like to be informed as best as possible :)

rafaelurfle says:

OK, the pastina looks totally delicious, but Fiamma completely stole the
show!! She is one of the cutest babies EVER. Great name, too. Love for the
FT Fam <3 Keep the recipes coming :)

Msfinable says:

Aww I used to eat this, too, as a toddler!

//I’m not sure Jamie, if your ad for Drinks tube is quuite suitable with
this particular video xD

miGsKills says:

Oh my gosh, is that the little angel nugget that was in her belly for 9
months? Adorable. I’m gonna go make myself some baby food now because ich
bin ein kind.

marie Savino says:

Fiamma is gorgeous & I can tell she is the eternal flame of your life. Your
mum is so sweet, you look very much like her. I remember pastina fondly
growing up. Thank you Michela :)

Sarah Sutton says:

Absolutely loved your recipe!!!! Your baby girl is GORGEOUS!!! And was cool
to finally meet your mum:)

Katherine Cunningham says:

Are courgettes the same as zucchini? They look similar.

Vidya lakshmi says:

okay I’m ready to be a toddler to eat this so tempting….

Robbie Goddard says:

Nice recipe. I’m just wondering if pasta might be a bit hard for babies to
digest as it can be hard for some adults to digest.

Таква Олександр says:


loraineepawter says:

This is by far my favourite recipe! So simple and easy to do.
Thank you for posting it and keep up the amazing videos Michela! :)

Asami T says:

I’ve made this today minus egg yolk (was out of eggs!) and with chicken
stock cube:) loved the texture and was a great side dish. I’ll trying with
egg yolk later on. Would you be able to use cream instead of egg yolk? 

Melissa Flaquer says:


Byron Sherk says:

is orzo a type of pastina?

Hollylizzie says:

Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing! :)

Sophie Loves Sparkle ItalianAussie says:

This looks amazing! I will make this for my baby niece :)

sariuca says:

OMG your baby is so so cute!! I would do that recipe for myself. It looks
really tasty :D

Dabney Fountain says:

Quick, simple, easy, nutritous…perfecto! My kids grew up on pastina…my
“go to” after school snack.

j says:

Fiamma looks so cute.. She looks so much like a dutch baby with the blue

GreyKnight Caine says:

cooked the recipe twice this week. yes, it’s awesome, everyone liked it, my
3yo daughter as well :)

Kelly Wang says:

Perfect! I just saw my package of pastina sitting in the corner 30 mins ago
and was thinking of how to use it up. I didnt know it’s for babies though 

Rebeca Wrany says:

l’ ho fatta oggi!!! Buonissima!!!

msyin9 says:

The little one looks very happy and is clearly enjoying the pasta.

Kaustav Sharma says:

I would add Basil

dougefresh133 says:

That’s baby food? I’d eat that. :) Fiamma is just beautiful. <3

Raveena Vishwanath says:

I’ve never seen a baby accept food so happily.
And she is so adorable! :)

Anette Bøhler Prydz says:

The little clap at the end made me want to make this even more. If it’s
baby approved, it’s gonna be yummy! :D

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