Healthy Baby Recipes – Episode 1

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thinprincess87 says:

My son is a year old and is eating finger foods he won’t eat purees
anymore. He wants to feed himself and he only has 5 teeth and 3 more are
coming through. Where did you find that spoon container? I could use that
in a few months after my daughter is born

Caroline Smith says:

I’m gonna try this one thanks. Are you feeding puree to you son for
demonstration purposes or just cos he likes it cos he’s too old to eat just

Fathima Mohideen says:

Sooooo nobody eats mashed potatoes, liver pate, MInced meat dishes as these
are all only for babies?


Black pepper for a baby ??? Not a good idea

Belzinha07 says:

This child should be sitting up feeding himself! He can chew, why do you
give him puree?! Some people really underestimate their children. Or they
just want to trap them in being dependent forever. I don’t know.. You give
him things such as butter, pepper and salt but you won’t just let him sit
up in a chair and eat his own food?! I don’t want to be mean, I don’t know
these people’s story at all. But it just seems weird.

Caroline Smith says:

I’m gonna try this one thanks. Are you feeding puree to you son for
demonstration purposes or just cos he likes it cos he’s too old to eat just

Hilary Petrella says:

They sure have a mind of there own lol

Rahoufti says:

Thanks for sharing

sujith kuruvilla says:

Except de butter ad salt part , I felt it was a gud recipe.. 

Shaneka C. Culbreth says:
Olive Green says:

That baby looks way too old to be eating puree.

Audrey Eugenio says:

Yummy will try this to my 9 month’s old baby

Becky Collins says:

An Easy way to make healthy nutrition baby food. Potato, Carrot, & Pumpkin

#organicfood #healthy #babyfood #potato #carrot #pumpkinrecipe
#nutrition #healthyfood 

juligugu says:

even adults eat purees… who cares if he’s not an infant

Abi Kheir says:

Loll why would a toddler need their food pureed thats ridiculous

Chelsea W says:

thats not a baby! he’s like 3..he can definititly eat regular food by now
and drink out of a cup. he has most of his teeth! and no butter salt pepper
is necessary…

Fazila Shahzad says:

where did you buy this bottle feeder its cool

Ameise a says:

This child is too big for baby puree!!! and it’s not healthy at all if you
are adding salt!!!!!

vidgirl4444 says:

What’s the first thing you give a 6 month baby? baby cereal and then what
veggies do you start?

darrell hayes says:

SuperFaz222 I’ve seen them in Walmart Super centers..

My Blessed Life says:

why is he bot eating chunky foods? I saw a lot of teeth in there. He is not
a baby.

BlaQ WuhMyn says:

Maybe it’s just be but, I wouldn’t add salt and pepper to my babies food.
Especially salt….

vidgirl4444 says:

yes please tell us where did you get the bottle!

0920belcas says:

ooo my goooosshhh he is not a baby anymore he looks 3years old eating
puree,,is he sick??lol?that kid can chew steak hahaha

pippasengland says:

Who is this person?! Your child is not a young enough baby to be eating
puree, and NEVER add salt-this is NOT a healthy recipe with the added
salt!…and the butter is not needed unless you want to fatten up your

Shaily Shambhavi says:

@SuperFaz222 you can get it from firstcry .com jut type Nuby – Nurtur Care
in the search box

BlaQ WuhMyn says:


yourqueenspeaking says:

Thank you for the video…it really helps!

Eman Mohammed says:

Please no SALT for infants and toddlers

TheGadgetPanda says:

“Healthy baby recipes”? I feel cheated! [a] Too much butter and salt AND
[b] There wasn’t a single baby in that recipe!

ATReade says:

o my god u don’t need to add salt and butter!

Injie Swailam says:

he is not a baby…

Melissa Ordonez Ordonez says:

Nice baby recipes!!

Charmaine Phillips says:

Ditch the salt and the butter and let the (toddler) use his hands !!!!

kalai veena says:

bottle feeder so nice.

leslie m says:

great job!

samfa1976 says:

Salt and pepper !!!!


jjaja so cute

stela aparecida says:

Fuck you , he is not a baby!!! what is that?????

magdalena2wig says:

This is terrible! I have never seen anyone cooking for babies with SALT!!!
They livers can’t take it. Ask your doctor.

jira says:

so cute !

ashayar says:

salt? babies are not allowed salt!

Valerie says:

He’s not a baby he’s like 2 lol

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