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Simple Salmon Recipe: Making salmon for your toddler couldn’t be easier.In this recipe, you will learn how to prepare a nutritious and healthy dish that is absolutely delicious! Tell us what you think! Post a comment below.

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kawaiiaix says:

I love your videos so helpful and full of great ideas. <3 I like the idea
of salmon as a finger food, i’ve not yet tried that. But have tried
‘mashed’ salmon, baby potatoes, & parsnips with fresh rosemary, mushrooms
and black olive dressing on the salmon. (my daughter loves olives, but i
only have started giving her a tiny amount due to salt) once my daughter
further develops i’ll be sure try salmon as a finger food for her. I’m one
of those mothers who scrutinizes everything my daughter eats. it has to be
organic and it has to be fresh. I’ve come to prefer and enjoy the process
in making my daughters baby food from scratch. Rather than relying solely
on store brought jars and pouches. It makes it heaps easier to monitor her
nutrition intake. 

Jazzy375 says:

That’s little guy sure made a mess! Lol he’s so cute! 

Weelicious says:

@arkolly Yes! The omega’s are great for their brains!

Weelicious says:

I like drizzling with a little lemon juice and sprinkle of salt just before

Madison Wine says:

I am in love with your videos and website! Great job! xx from Canada

Stephanie Ibarra says:

What seasoning can i use for this salmon recipe?

Kaitlyn Tsai says:

lol hes soo cute :) and hilarious

Weelicious says:

Adore you for your sweet words!!

anisa rahman says:

can i give salmon fish to my 10 month old baby?

Nikka Austria says:

Kenya loves water des

anisa rahman says:

thanks a lot.

creamsodaistasty says:

@sunnytrskies1 What does growing up have to do with the US being a ”free
country”? You can grow up as well.

Noradlin Mokhtar says:


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