Choosing Healthy Foods for babies and toddlers

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catherine jefferies from yummy bubby is interviewed by birthing sense to discuss the nutrients that are important in your childs diet- and where to find them- simply


sheila reyes says:

I wish all food stores would get rid of all middle isles.
(boxed/packaged/canned foods) To help the community provide healthy
essential foods for our kids. 

ucdruby says:

@TahshaTPitsMe 12 months. There are several soy based formulas for babies
under age 1.

Ujjwala Keshyap says:

very useful, can you give some idea about vegetarian diets, thanks a lots

TimeEnoughForLove says:

My 9 month old little girl is on a mainly solid diet now, with formula
bottles in between. how important is meat in her diet right now and how
would i prepare it at home for a child that still doesnt have teeth? Also,
what are the age rules for dairy and fish, since i have heard that dairy
right now will upset her stomach and fish is supposedly still a no go?

e202020t says:

great teaching but how too cook for toddlers so they can enjoy?

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