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Watch for the basics of preparing formula & important feeding tips for new parents and your newborn.
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Hello Moms!

If you have decided to stop breastfeeding or are unable to meet your milk supply needs, talk to your doctor about formula feeding! It’s a great substitution for breast milk, but you’ll need to choose the right type for you and your baby! There are three main types of baby formula. In this video, I’ll walk through the details of each. Keep watching for more!

Formula Feeding Babies

Here I have some examples of cow’s milk formula, including Enfamil and Similac. There are other varieties as well, including lactose-free formula and soy-based formula. When choosing a formula, you’ll also want to evaluate your own lifestyle. If you know you are going on a long trip and won’t have easy access to water, a liquid formula or concentrated liquid formula may be a better choice. Powdered formula, on the other hand, is great for making smaller or large quantities and is less expensive than liquid formula.

When you use formula, you’ll want to check that your bottles are properly sterilized. Check my videos on this for further instructions! Next, pour in the desired amount of water, then pour in the proper amount of powdered formula. Attach the top of the bottle and shake well until all of the clumps have dissolved.

For more on preparing formula, warming bottles, and how to bottle feed your baby, keep watching this and my other videos on formula! Thanks for viewing this formula feeding guide video!

Do you have any advice or comments to share regarding formula feeding babies? Please add your comments below!

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korynnininm says:

I remember when my lil sis was born my mom bottle fed her in the morning
and it was my job to clean the bottles and make the formula and make my
mom’s coffee

Beauty From Ashes Makeup says:

Melissa what is the best formula to give my baby? She is about to turn 5
weeks old and has been exclusively breast fed. I was given a sample of
similac nursettes for supplementing and a tub of infant premium enfamil but
I’ve heard there all types of enfamil and similacs/ formula. My sister
mentioned that I should be careful because some babies get hard stools due
to to much iron in formula. I want to use formula only for emergencies /
conscience…. Such as if I’m in the car and can’t pull over to brestfeed,
I’m somewhere where I can’t stop to feed or I’m at work and can’t pump
enough milk to feed baby. Basically I want to use formula occasionally. I
have also heard breast milk does not contain DHA AND VITAMIN D. Is this
true? And if so that would be another reason I might want to too her off at
night with some formula to ingest some extra vitamins…. And also to help
her stay asleep a little longer;) please reply when u get the chance and
thank u so much in advance. 

Daniella Lewis says:

I have nothing against moms who formula feed, but I am very happy and proud
of my decision to breastfeed. I plan to nurse until my daughter is 1.5
years, and then give expressed breastmilk to her until she’s at least 4.
Fingers crossed I make it to my goal! 

melissa o'callaghan says:

im a boob only mum and just so every body knows babies do great on breast
only for up to 2 YEARS OLD not kidding. But for obvious reasons we arnt
supposed to know this because certain business like formula and baby food
have a problem…and I have several rear breastfeeding conditions making it
almost impossible to b/f so if I have made friends with lactation
consultants been educated and am still feeding my now very healthy vegan 5
years old then if you have a breast then you have no excesses but lack of
support and information. I wish happy boobie days for all Melissa.

Priyanka Zinzuwadia says:

So so helpful thank u melisa 

vieuphoria1008 says:

Have you ever considered breastfeeding your baby it’s such a healthier way
then some factory made formula

Kacie Harton says:

Powder formula is just as easy traveling as it is at home. Leaving water in
the bottles to sit on the counter or in the diaper bag and add the powder
as soon as baby is hungry (pre-measure powder in a container or formula
despenser when traveling). The formula is freshly made and already at room
temperature. No refrigerating. No waiting on bottles to heat up. No
waisting milk because it was left on the counter too long. This is also
great for late night feedings.

Stephanie Cevallos says:

If you put the lid on before the nipple and collar, the born free bottles
won’t leak! The lids fit over the solid white vent that goes on top of the
clear vent. They never leak with the lid. That way you don’t have to screw
it on so tight. After feeding it is very difficult to unscrew the collar
if you over tighten them.

Layla Ali says:


Stephanie Turnbull says:

Can I give my baby the bottle at room temperature or does it have to be

jillydod says:

Thank you Jennifer! I’m in nursing school and my classmate and I have to
give an oral presentation on bottle feeding/preparing formula. You have
given us fantastic information along with how to present our speech!! Very
helpful and appreciated!

Karla Garcia says:

Hi I Need Help My Baby Is Two Week And She Have A Lot Of Gases But I Don’t
Know If The Similac Advance Formula, The One I’m Using To Feed Her Is Bad
For Her?? I Give Both To Her Brest Milk And Formula.. Please Help :/

Vanity Vacia says:

Gorgeous baby!

Angela Gospodinsky says:

With my son, my parents and I always reused the mixed bottles left over he
didn’t finish. I never knew you had to throw them out, he did get thrush
like 2 times. I wonder if this is from reusing them. I’m pregnant with my
second and glad I know this and learned the formula feeding rules.

Maria Sheridan Bruce says:

another good formula is Gerber Good Start, I had my little man on it and he
did fine, it actually helped him with his reflux and gassy issues when he
was teeny tiny. It is also cheaper than the enfamil and similar

CloudMom says:

So glad! I think you should ideally buy sterile water from the store, I am
not sure that all bottle water is sterile, can you find sterile?

CloudMom says:

Thank you so much Jennifer! Sometimes I ask myself why I put myself through
all the work it takes to do the videos and then I get a comment like yours
and it gives me the strength and faith to go on!! Please check out my site
too b/c there is alot of text content there and blogs, etc. Sending love, M

Caleb kendyl says:

What happens if it’s not completely dissolved?

CloudMom says:

You shouldn’t give it to the baby, I don’t know if it would be harmful, but
I don’t think that is how they should be digesting the milk…

Jennifer TenEyck says:

I just wanted to say that I love your vids. Out of all the help videos I’ve
looked at today, you are the most natural speaker, like you’re actually
just talking to us rather than reading from a script (and doing so very
badly in most cases I’ve seen!). I like that you just talk normally and
make us laugh with some of the honest things you’ve said. The videos and
directions are also really clear and detailed without being complicated. So
a big thank you!

hajohn1989 says:

Hi. Our tap water from where I’m from isn’t safe to drink. So I’m using
bottle water, is afuafina bottle water safe? Do I have to boil the water
also? I really like all your videos. They have helped me so much. Thank you

CloudMom says:

Thanks for the tip, Maria!

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