Baby knows best! Study shows baby-led weaning promotes healthy food preferences.

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A new study by psychologists at The University of Nottingham has shown that babies who are weaned using solid finger food are more likely to develop healthier food preferences and are less likely to become overweight as children than those who are spoon-fed pureed food.

The research published by BMJ Open set out to examine the impact of weaning style on food preferences and Body Mass Index in early childhood in a sample of 155 children.

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NHS guidance:


Baby Led Weaning CZ says:

podívejte se na to, mohu jedině doporučit

qbuglady027 says:

Ive never heard about this but my 21 month old has been self feeding sinve
I can remember. She refuses for me to feed her. She prefers the carbs from
the variety of foods I put on her plate. Dislikes sweets most of the time.
Prefers plain cherrios over sweetened for example. She is petite wears
18-24 month clothes but has been that way since birth. So by age 2 I have
no doubt she will be wearing 2t. Or 24 mo.
Her doctor says she is healthy, smart, and gaining what she needs to even
though she is in th 15th percentile. Oh and she is still nursing 2-3 times
per day. 

Tara Bialek says:

I really loved your clip. Hope to connect more on here & maybe you’ll view
some of my videos! Blessings to you. – Tara

143skwk says:

Ugh, I wish people would stop promoting this! It’s dangerous to let your
child control the amount of food that is put in their mouth. It’s stupid to
risk your child’s life just because you’re trying to make things easier on

University of Nottingham says:

BLW is compatible with current Department of Health weaning guidelines
which state that from 6 months (the recommended age for weaning to begin),
most infants are able to cope with soft fingers foods such as cooked carrot
sticks, soft fruits etc. The baby must be able to sit upright,hold their
head up and reach and grasp for the food. The guide says ‘Allow your baby
to feed themselves, using their fingers, as soon as they show an interest’.
Dr Townsend

University of Nottingham says:

If you search for ‘bibs for babies’ on the internet you will find lots of
options. There are many different types of bibs, from soft material bibs to
rigid plastic bibs. It depends what works best for you and your baby.

Neueregel says:


33Sammi32 says:

OK, show me the studies that negate all of the evidence for BLW. Teaching a
baby to swallow first before chewing by offering runny purees and rice
cereal is more dangerous than allowing a child to explore safe foods and
learning to chew when their gag reflex is still far enough forward in their
mouth that they can spit out anything they can’t handle. Waiting until
later to introduce chunks actually increases the risk of choking.

Miss Amanda's world says:

honestly if worried about a mess with this just have you baby in diaper
while feedtl themselfs thats what my dad did i didnt take to baby food when
i up an stole bite of his eggs and later that day ice cream he talked to
fam dr and said it was fine for me to have solids. dad didnt dress me till
after breakfast and at about 15 months when grandad gave me 1st choclate
cookie he made sure i just had diaper on in chair.

Nan Li says:

Hello, I am trying to get the baby control the food. Where did you get that
food cover on your son? I need that as well. Washing every clothes is not
an option for me. Thank you.

gwenm1027 says:

You obviously have no idea how baby led weaning works, or how babies learn
to eat. It’s stupid to assume this is dangerous when you are ignorant on
the subject.

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