Baby Food – Chicken and carrot puree – from 6 months up

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Hi everyone! even if this recipe if for small babies, one of the first you can serve to your cutie, I have to admit that Luca (16 months…wow, time runs!!!!) still loves it. I do not puree the chicken anymore for him, I just cut it in small pieces. And I also add a tbsp of good extravergin olive oil, he really likes it! Enjoy!! ciao b

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Innocentah says:

never give a chicken as a first meal to your baby

Zena Bellis says:

hope you washed them tongs after using them to put the raw chicken in the
pot before geting out the cooked chicken other wise is a good chance your
gonna make your child sick never use the tongs with out washing them
first after picking up raw meat !

kiesahas ellis says:

How do you store your baby solid food like that now you cook

Zena Bellis says:

when my kids were babies they had every thing i cooked for them and i used
freeze some of it too can freeze up to 4 months if in a sealed container .

akittypie says:

Love it. Thank you.

Drumerboy1971 says:

What is the name of your chicken puree maker??

Thank you

Angelica Genesis Tigno says:

new recipe again thank you so much!!

Saida Chowdhury says:

Thajk u very much

Vampire13Luver says:

you misspelled “Buena” :/ 

89Rosii says:

hi, did u add any seasoning to the chicken?

Saida Chowdhury says:

What kind of cheese I cab give to my baby from six month

Mariluz Rosado says:

Thank you so much! :)

Stephane Wu says:

U r great really learn a lot

BuonaPappa says:

I’m sooo glad to hear that! Parmesan Cheese is always good and gives a nice
touch of flavor to baby food 😉 ciao, b

BuonaPappa says:

Hi! It’s a Kitchen Aid 7cups food processor. It was a gift from my baby
shower :-) b

BuonaPappa says:

Usually a double spoon of Parmesan cheese solved any issue. Also, I used to
offer him the same recipe even three times before deciding that he didn’t
like it. Sometimes babies need more than one try to get used and like a new
taste. Regarding this recipe: to substitute the chicken with the turkey is
a very good idea. you can also substitute the potato with a sweet potato.
Let me know how it goes!! good luck! ciao, b

BuonaPappa says:

sure! a blender, a food processor. Any tool that will create a nice and
smooth puree will be fine. ciao, b

BuonaPappa says:

Hi Mariluz! good idea to start getting information!! the rule is no added
salt or sugar for babies under 12 months. Their kidneys cannot cope with a
lot of salt and the one contained in the breast milk or formula is enough.
Babies are born with a preference for a sweet taste but need to learn to
enjoy all other tastes. It’s better to get babies used to the natural
flavor of fresh ingredients, without covering it with added salt or sugar.
ciao!! b

Lisa Liu says:

could i know the name of your blender? thank you!!!

sebastian montalvo says:

thank you so much, this was very helpful

BuonaPappa says:

Hi! In this video I’m using a small food processor. For even smaller
quantities I always used a hand or immersion blender. For the blender just
one suggestion: I love the ones where the immersion part is in metal.
sometimes the food you are blending is very hot and I do not like plastic
parts. I hope I was helpful! ciao!! b

schila Guzman says:

I love this lady and her recipe…! im very happy that i found this
site…I have a quick question, Today i made the chicken , carrot and
potato…i taste it…is very yummy but my baby doesnt like it :( why???
What can i do? i try to feed little of chicken with little squash
…nop…a tiny bit of chicken a big spoon of peach …nop make it worse
lol…is anything that i can do to help this???, I will try this week also
the turkey! :) wish me luck!

BuonaPappa says:

Thank you to you for following BuonaPappa!

Mariluz Rosado says:

Hi, Im not mommy but I’m getting information because when I’ll have a baby
I want to make my own babyfood, the chicken its not seasoning, no contain

osmanmd777 says:

Thanks for a healthy recipes and easy to digest but vegetable broth mix and
also water

BuonaPappa says:

yes, it’s true. In Italy some pediatricians suggest you to start with meat
from 6 months. With Luca I started with the basic vegetable soup (potatoes
and carrots) with some rice cereal for the first few weeks, so that when I
added meat at the mix he was close to 7 months. I give him meat 3/4 times
max a week.I would suggest to start with white meats (easier to digest) and
than move to the red ones (with more iron).you can steam the meat and
puree’ it using some water left from the steamer.ciao!

Stephane Wu says:

My girl is 9 months old .she is still look skinny .she is a small baby. But
very happy and healthy….just wondering if you can let me know any things
to put her on weight

arysiti82 says:

Hi! I’ve tried this recipe for my baby n he loves it very much. Your recipe
is Just So Good. I’ve added parmesan cheese to this recipe too. Its Yummy..

Sothearoath Ke says:

Hi!! I do love your video but can i change potato to pumpkin since I left
some in the fridge? 😀

BuonaPappa says:

Hi Bethany! thank you to you for watching BuonaPappa!! I’m glad you like my
videos 😉 I totally understand how you feel…I still remember the first
solid meals I prepared for Luca…I was soooo excited, and worried that he
didn’t want them 😉 Let me know how it will go and if I can be of any
help! ciao ciao! b

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