The Best Abs Exercises for Pregnant Women

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From, ab exercises for pregnant women with BabyFit pre- and post-natal fitness specialists.

These exercises will safely keep your abs and core strong during pregnancy and will repair your stomach after the baby arrives once you’re cleared to exercise. You’ll need an exercise ball to do these exercises.

Find more info about pregnancy and exercise at the 100% free site Catherine Cram, author of “Fit Pregnancy for Dummies” and one of BabyFit’s Resident Maternal Fitness Experts, approved these videos and their content.


Gregor Madden says:

Hi there — great exercises, such a relief to find experts who aren’t
afraid to show pregnant women a few challenging techniques. I have a
question about my form — I find for the last two, that start with both
legs in table top, I’m feeling a burn in my quads ? and not so much my abs.
Am I doing something wrong? I’ll keep trying but I thought I’d ask in case
this is a common mistake. Thanks so much for your vids!!

Sarah Emily Causton says:

When you progress to the more challenging exercises, do you still start
with the easier ones and build on them? Or do you just skip to the latter
ones when you start your exercise?

yourkickinthepants says:

Thanks! I love all your videos.

huntertaiko says:

what exercise do you recommend to lose stomach fats after c sections….
its been 7mths since the operation

SparkPeople says:

@SodaSprings Either way would work, actually!

Sabrinawrites says:

how should your back sit against the ball, are you aiming for neutral?

msnotsohappy says:

I realy love your workouts they helpe alot. thank you

SparkPeople says:

Engaging your abdominals (keeping your belly pulled in) and training them
during pregnancy, as shown in this manner, should not result in “strain”
for the belly area. These exercises are developed by and instructed by
certified pregnancy fitness experts.

SparkPeople says:

These exercises are great for that–but check with your doc first. You can
do them with the ball as shown or lying on your back when you’re postpartum.

SparkPeople says:

@MultiKestral You could lean up against anything–it’s just the upper body
elevated so that you are not supine (lying on your back), which is
contraindicated during pregnancy. The mid to lower spine remains neutral.

marfash says:

They keep saying to keep the belly in. I read that you should not do
anything to strain your belly area. Hmmmmmm??????

caribARMYgyaL says:

this looks pretty helpful..thanks for the exercises me and the babii will
appreciate it during the whole pushing time… jus one thing…the poor
pregnant girl is doing all the hard stuff..maybe you guys should switch
sometimes lol

SparkPeople says:

@gregordrakemadden Thanks! Yes, you will feel your quads (most likely the
hip flexors at the very top of the thigh) working on that exercise b/c
those muscles are working to move the leg while the abs work to stabilize
the spine as the leg moves. Hope that helps.

SparkPeople says:

@marfash I would not say this is “straining” the belly to work the abs.

hcmontessori says:

When pregnant, I took a Pilates class w/ an instructor who use to work as a
nurse. Instead of actually having us exercise, she basically talked the
whole time! But I was ACTUALLY interested in staying fit… I eventually
quit ’cause I didn’t feel it was right to be paying for… her talking. I
ended up doing my own thing & being MUCH healthier for it. I realize that
around 10% of preg. women have prob.s w/ pregnancy… but for the rest of
us 90%, PLEASE give us something to stay fit!

SparkPeople says:

@caribARMYgyaL Maybe someday when I am pregnant, we will! 😉

czechchick07 says:

This is brilliant. Thank you so much for showing these. The advice on doing
abs exercises in pregnancy differs so much. Finally someone who is not
afraid to show some proper exercises for pregnant women :)

hcmontessori says:

Yay! THANK YOU! Pregnant people are just that -pregnant!- Not invalids! ^_^
Its so crazy how some people will treat pregnancy as an illness. 90% of all
pregnancies are medically healthy & normal & a lot of people don’t know
that the majority of pregnant women need to get that circulation going! The
more blood-circulation we get from exercising, the better oxygenated our
blood is, the easier, shorter (& less painful!) our labors will be. Great

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