Seven Tips to a Post Pregnancy Flat Stomach

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How do you get flat abs after being pregnant? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get flat abs, especially after pregnancy.

Step One
Set a goal.
Make it realistic, so that you do not give up.
Cutting 600 calories per week is realistic, while losing 40 pounds in a week is not.
Write your goal down somewhere where you’ll see it.

Step Two
Eat right. Cut out the excess fat.
A healthy diet helps you have energy. You also feel better in general.

Step Three
Exercise your entire body, not just your abs.
Don’t spend a lot of money on the ab machines on TV.
Burn the fat off your entire body if you want your abs to stand out.

Step Four
Eat a lot of protein.
Protein is very important for muscle re-growth.
Replace fat with lean muscle. This means having plenty of lean protein in your diet.

Step Five
Drink lots of water.
Stay hydrated. Your body needs water. Keep up with your workouts and drink water.

Step Six
Get plenty of sleep.
Repair work happens while you sleep

Step Seven
Treat yourself once/week. How about a cookie?


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