safe workout pelvic floor exercises for pregnant and post natal women at mishfit mothers

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mishfit mothers is a unique personal training program that aims to provide you with:

* A complete workout that involves cardio vascular, resistance and pelvic floor training
* A workout that is modified to your ability and tailored to your needs as a pregnant or post-pregnant woman
* In conjunction with a women’s health physiotherapist you are able to see with the use of Real Time Ultrasound, exactly how to contract your pelvic floor and deep core muscles. Exercises are practised and education consolidated during each mishfit session
* Diagnosis of diastasis (DRAM) and corrective training to repair and help you to prepare for possible subsequent pregnancies
* Correct and safe information regarding posture and effective and efficient training techniques – how to get back into shape quickly and safely!
* A supportive and clean environment to train and where your babies/children are welcome and safe

We would love you to join us. Why don’t you come along for a free trial and find out for yourself?


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