Pretty Mama Pregancy Workout Part 1 – Warm Up and Fat Burner!

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Pregnant women, beginners, people who want to lose weight and stay in shape. This great 10 minute workout is fun, effective and easy to follow. Tiffany’s low impact cardio routine will burn fat and shape your muscles in all of the right places. To become a member of Tiffany’s private club join the INNER CIRCLE FitClub. Music by Lydia, Cesar and Benjamin Bidlack available on itunes.

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Holly Gauker says:

How many times do i do this workout? am i suppose to do the other 2 on here
where it says part 2 and 3?

atiyakarim94 says:

Love this work out!! Great video!
I’m 5 months pregnant and I feel great after 12 mins of this!!

Celeste Ariza says:

im 38 weeks pregnant and im looking for great dancing exercises to begin to
prepare my body for labor. . . thank you so much for your videos

cesacipe12 says:

I’m 23 weeks pregnant! :) I’m happy to find this workout video! Thank you
so much!

Stephie PSN says:

Omg that was great. I feel retarded doing these but I feel great!

Alexander Palomino says:

hello!! ,hola…quiero saber si con las tres rutuinas es suficiente, no
hace falta mas variedad?…podrias indicarme la rutina de una semana estoy
embarazaada de 13 semanas ..Gracias Tiffany!!

meli alvarez says:

Hola tiffany me gusta mucho tu canal, tengo una pregunta estoy embarazada
de 2 meses y quiero saber cuando puedo empezar a ser ejercicio eske no
kiero quedar gordita

Shanice Hagert says:

Skinnimaker Super Foods

Leidy Santacruz says:

Hola!! Hace 1mes y 15 dias tuve a mi bebita, puedo empezar mis rutinas; Q
me recomienda?? gracias 

Joe joe says:

what that songs playing in the begining

dawg trea says:

Thanks Tiffany this was great , I got to sweat a lot and will be doing more
of it

Rozlynn Braynen says:

Thank you!! Felt great to workout today! 

Andrea Kidd says:

One of my favorite pregnancy workouts….I have been doing it sine week 17
and now I am 34 weeks!!!

xokizza says:

39 and a half weeks and still doing this just not as often ;)

marianne rodriguez says:

I lovet I’m 34 weeks pregnant 

Rosemary Vaughan says:

amazing workout definitely better then all the other boring pregnancy

Dida Dina says:

gostei de ver você mesmo gravida não deixou de fazer exercício parabéns a
você e sua família gosto muito dos seus exercícios

KyIntuneDiva says:

So happy I found your pregnancy workouts. I’m 11 weeks and with a couple
breaks I was able to complete this workout. I’ve used some of your other
workouts in the past and this video is just as much fun! I’ve been so
drained and sick the past month and so ready to get active again. This
workout is a great way to get started. Thanks again! 

Tenika Woodson says:

I’m 32 weeks pregnant. I do this work out in the morning after I do yoga &
before bed. I love it! I’ve been doing it for about 3 months now! Love all
of your videos thanks for helping me keep my energy level high! 

Kayla Hensley says:

Are we supposed to do this 3 times like with your other workout videos? I’m
15 weeks pregnant and I love your videos

Amaya Charuni says:

If you desire to shed fat, you should google Skinnimaker System. That can
help you get the body you deserve.

Sand Mal says:

Hi Tiffany. I am 7 months pregnant like Argentina and It’s so great working
out with you!
I have been following your workouts before I got pregnant. Just wanted to
say you’re a great motivator and love your smile :) Thanks for the vids.

K. W. says:

This is a pretty great quick workout. Please tell Argentina to smile

veronica ferreira says:

Great workout 16 weeks pregnant and sore I love keeping in shape with your
videos and you do great Argentina for being 7 months !!:)

Pure_Bliss24 says:

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I just want to say I love your workouts… I
started before I was pregnant and now I can continue to workout with your

MakeupbyKeiKei says:

right on time!

tuhonesty smith says:

Love it your the best Tiffany

Amaya Charuni says:

If you desire to shed fat, you should google Skinnimaker System. That can
help you get the body you deserve.

sheila perez mateo says:

excelente me encanta embarazada en forma…

marianela fernandez says:

cuantos meses de mbarazo se debe tener para empezar a hacer ejercicios?

simbacharcoal17 says:

these workouts are great when your on your period too and don’t want to
overdo workouts, thanks Tiffany =)

tiff16122988tiff says:

Just found out that I’m Pregnant!!!!! Its bitter sweet, I’ve finally got to
a fitness level that I love I hope I dont lose all my hard work of muscle
growth.. im going to continue to lift until I can. But your videos are
always great, thats how I started my fitness journey, was doing your

MaelynnMei says:

Ive been doing your routines before I became pregnant, and felt great and
gave me sooo much energy. Almost 2 years later (I’m now 37wks) I didn’t
know you have Pregnancy Cardio videos. This is awesome! I still get to stay
active, in shape and I’ve learned staying active will shorten my labor time
and make my hips muscles strong for delivery. Fit and a fast baby birth?
sounds like a win/ win to me :)

abyzed88 says:

I am a beginner and 6 months pregnant, I enjoyed your routine and I felt
great. Thank you Tiffany. :) 

luna santana says:
Shenara Bonaise says:

I tryed this workout 5 times in a few days so far and can’t last the whole
12 mins, It’s a great workout :D

everiana avanzado says:

is it safe to do this workout?i am 1 week pregnant.

Umm Nabihah says:

Is this workout effective in burning calories even if you are not pregnant?

Geidy liz tenazoa says:

se te ve muy hermosa felicidades!

cjax521 says:

omg thank you so so much! i’m still in my first trimester, but i know,
doctor allowing, that i want to exercise throughout my entire pregnancy. so
glad i found your videos to help with that. all the other pregnancy workout
videos on youtube or boring!

mrsstumpway78 says:

omg you loook so pretty!! congratulations!! god bless you. mamaaa!!!

Azucena Cruz says:

Ohhh no había visto tus videos de embarazada. Te ves aun más bella. Me
encantan, procuro hacerlos diario porque me llena de energía!!1

vench vallarta says:

you are a woman of strength and beauty, i really admire you a lot, tiffany,
how i wish i have known you earlier because you have motivated me a lot to
change not only my body but my whole personality, Lord Bless you and your
baby! Have a happy and safe delivery! :)

TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:

thank you!

Nickki' Tobago says:

im new to ur channel and I LUV UR VIDEOS!!!

TiffanyRotheWorkouts says:


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