Pregnancy Workout: 1st & 2nd Trimester Toning- Denise Austin

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Pregnancy Workout: 1st & 2nd Trimester Toning with Denise Austin is a low-impact, 20-minute full body pre-natal workout that is designed to burn calories, relax the lower back and sculpt your body from head to toe as you increase circulation, stabilize the spine, and strengthen the core to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Focus your breathing and prepare to feel rejuvenated with America’s favorite Fitness Legend, Denise Austin as she inspires you throughout this effective 2nd Trimester exercise routine from her popular “Fit & Firm Pregnancy” Fitness DVD. Learn low intensity moves that will exercise the pelvic floor muscles, lift the chest, tone the hips thighs and butt, and work the abdominals to strengthen all of the muscles surrounding the torso and better support the baby. Open your chest as you tighten the abs, triceps, arms, legs, obliques, and upper back muscles in total body workout. Work out with one of the best in the business right from the comfort of your own home. You will need a light set of dumbbells, a Yoga mat, a chair, a bottle of water, and a towel to complete this workout that will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best. Slim down and tone up as you start down the road to a tight and shapely post-baby physique with Denise Austin. Tune in to the BeFiT Channel every weekday for new workouts from your favorite trainers. For more Denise Austin workouts, click here:

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trina pavur says:

Well That’s weird. I just read about 10 comments, logged in so I could
comment and they disappeared. Anyway, I’m almost 18 weeks and ready to
start a REGULAR routine that isn’t too strenuous and that keeps me
motivated. I love Denise Austin and her perkiness! She makes me want to be
excited about exercise and being fit. I have already put on 10 or so pounds
and my doctor recommended not gaining more than 15-20. So my goal is to
stay at my current weight or only gain a few more pounds. As long as I eat
healthy and enough for me and LITTLE baby plus light exercise I should be
on track. Any suggestions on how to stay healthy throughout my pregnancy?

Harvey Noble says:

I thought that after your 1st trimester that it is not a good idea to work
your rectus abdominals! – doing crunch work. I thought that this could
cause diastasis recti – splitting of the abs?! I thought that it was more
important to work the transverse abdominals?! 

Michelle Duque Jimenez says:

You’re not supposed to do cruches while pregnant! I followed this whole
routine for about 2 weeks until I started noticing a cone shape on my
pregnant belly every time I was siting up :/ looks gross. I was freaked out
started researching this cone shape, found out it’s the seperation of your
abdominal muscles they literally split in two when you strain yourself too
much while pregnant. Can’t say for sure it’s due to this workout but If I
could I wish I could sue. Why would you tell pregnant women to strain
themselves to the point where they harm their body and possibly suffer long
term health complications don’t you know anything about pregnancy and

amrita das says:

Hello, I’m 5 weeks pregnant is this exercise good for me? Kindly suggest

Kasia Wyrwas says:

I’m 28wk pregnant,great workout for beginners , Ive been exercising through
my pregnancy and find my yoga class more challenging then this workout,
saying that it’s perfect for someone who’s pregnant and just getting into
exercises. super easy.

naynaybeans says:

Just curious.. is this woman certified to teach maternity workouts? Just
asking because I am 22wks and am looking for something slow paced, east and
fun to target my butt and legs and maybe arms, but I read a womans comment
below about her doing these abd her abs split in two causing her a cone
shape belly.. 

Anita Abraham says:

Thank you for posting this video, I just love it! :) Everybody could tell
that you have many years experience of doing your profession, and you are
amazing in it! :) I am 24 weeks pregnant, has been exercising all my life,
your video was the first one I was not scared to do when I found out that I
am pregnant, so you gave me a good start, thank you for that!:) Keep up the
good work! :) Anita x

Katelyn Norman says:

Such a great workout! So excited that I stumbled upon this :) Thank you! 23
wks pregnant and finally able to workout again and not just walk. Getting
back tone for an easier transition after baby comes!

Elżbieta Malicka says:

Denise, thank you for this workout. It’s nice to be fit waiting for newborn

Thobile N Nhlenyama says:

how to download it so I can not connect to internet every time I have to do
my workout.

Fabiolett says:

I never thought that pregnant women can still workout ._. I feel stupid

Mynameissky says:

I’m 20 weeka pregnant and my first work out. I must say it feels really
good! Thanks

Mariam Alsayegh says:

Does this workout keep the wight to not gain much in pregnancy, because
when I was pregnant with my first baby I have gain 30 kg and in 2 years ago
I return my weight my boy age now 3 years. Im trying to get prgenent now
and I need some advice to not gain that much wight please help me 

Ebby Newton says:

OMGGGGGGG I love this.This will be my daily workout each day from this
point out I’m 22weeks and i really need to tone up

Suha Qadasi says:

Im 14 week pregnant .. can I do this work out ?

Mariam Alsayegh says:
IEatBitches4Breakfas says:

I’m 20 weeks and I’m not even showing yet :( I’m so jelous of those baby
bumps :P

Micaela Heredia says:


camilla.rj says:

I’d like to know what she says at the end, that one should do at least 50
times a day, because I couldn’t understand the language. Can anyone write
it down here so I’ll be able to look it up in a dictionary, please? tks!
btw, this is great exercise! I loved doing it and I’m 18 weeks pregnant :)

MagicNumber3 says:

I absolutely love this workout. Denise Austin rocks!!

melross1983 says:

Suha, yes you can! its very simple and she gives you options so even if
you’ve never worked out you can start while your pregnant

Sarah Michelle says:

Great workout

cosmo828 says:

This is exactly the what I needed!! Great workout!

Jenni Lopez says:


013SpyGP says:

This is a wonderful workout thank you. I’m 14 weeks.

jeni aramayo says:

mb df

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