Pregnancy Exercise: Exercises to Avoid Diastasis Recti Pre and Post Pregnancy

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Pre & Post Pregnancy Exercises: Lorraine from shows you 3 Exercises for your core and glute muscles that are safe and will not increase diastasis recti during your pregnancy. Do this exercise circuit pre or post pregnancy. If you are Pregnant you can do these exercise till 20 weeks, Post from 4-6 weeks. Safe pregnancy exercises for your core muscles. Pregnancy Exercises for the first Trimester. New core exercises for your glutes and abdominal muscles during pregnancy. # safe exercises you can do post pregnancy. Exercises that wont increase diastasis recti. Safe tummy exercises for you to do post pregnancy. Exercise to increase your glute and core strength. Reduce your diastasis post pregnancy with these exercises


Lorraine Scapens says:

Thanks, you can do them 4-5 times a week and yes do 3 sets of each exercise

adfolendore says:

Hi Lorraine! Love your workouts. Just started doing these 3 sets today. Are
they to be repeated just twice? Thanks!

adfolendore says:

Thank you Lorraine! Will do!

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