Postnatal Core Workout for 6+ weeks Postpartum- includes modifications for Diastasis Recti

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This Postnatal Core Workout – from Lindsay Brin’s Postnatal SlimDown DVD – helps create a flat stomach after having a baby. Also includes modifications for Diastasis Recti. You must have your doctor’s permission to exercise, which usually occurs at 6 weeks postpartum. As with any exercise program, please stop if you do not feel right.

This Core #1 workout is the 1st of 5 in the core progression to get your flat stomach, all 5 workouts can be found on the Postnatal SlimDown DVD – available at Target and on Lindsay Brin, creator of Moms Into Fitness DVDs and Downloads, Pre/Postnatal Research Expert, is a mom of 3. You can find more about her and her products at or


Emily Conley says:

Hi, this says that it includes modifications for diastasis recti, but you
didn’t mention any modifications in the video. Does this mean all the
exercises in the video are safe for diastasis recti? Thank you!

Bijourain69 says:

Hi, I love this video. How long should I do the it’s video before going
onto the next stage? Also how long do you think it will take before the
diastasis recti is is mended? Hope you can answer these questions,
thank-you :)

April Croley says:

I am completely new to working out and I feel this exercise working -before
I didn’t know how to engage my core correctly -but I feel that I can do
this video easily -can I do this AND core 2 together out should I just
continue with this alone for a while? Background: I am 3 -almost 4 weeks
postpartum but feel great and have already checked myself for distasis
recti and I do not have it anywhere except I I get one finger in directly
above naval.

Spazztica Fantazztica says:

I have had diastis for 4 years will this sort mine out? Surgery just costs
way too much.

Debbie Wilcox says:

I have a 2 finger abdominal separation and currently doing core #1 when do
I move onto core #2 ?? as Lindsay says that #2 isn’t ideal for diastasis

Maria Zeal says:

Does anyone know where to find the Core 2-5 workouts she refers to at the
end of this video? I’m ready to progress! :) Thanks.

seamus whaley says:

Where are the next ones?

queencs12 says:

how long should I do these exercises? Will you be posting the next videos?

Layla Miller says:

Love this! I can feel this is what I need!!! Is anyone else wearing a

april bowers says:

Okay I have a normal curve in my back that keeps me from laying my back
flat and it causes a lot of pain when I try floor exercises. What can I do
to make sure I’m doing the workout correctly and not cause any damage to my

Vita Gray says:

Where is your Core # 2,3,4 and 5 video? Can’t find it.

Heidi Fish says:

Got on Google + and still can’t find videos 2&3…?

Rishi Gupta says:

MomsIntoFitness says:
Mia Johnson says:

How often should we do these exercises

Efthalia Josephine says:

Any one know where the exercise videos, 2&3 are? Below are links of video
#4… Thank you!

Casey Dow says:

Will you be posting Core #2? Love this video!!

Carey Manternach says:

Is there a video for those with diastasis Recti?

Esmeralda Hernández says:
Lucy Fit Personal Training says:
nibblypig82 says:

This has been a very effective workout for me. Im 4 weeks post partum and
loved it. Shall master this and move onto the next. Thank you!

Majiri Otobo says:

What is a TA?

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