POST PREGNANCY Workout Series – Part 4 (Exercises for NEW MOMS!!)

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Post baby workouts for new moms

Welcome to our post pregnancy workout series for beginners or postpartum. This postpartum workout contains beginner exercises that help new moms get their body back after having a baby.

These new mom exercises help strengthen the butt, thighs, chest and core, all areas that tend to be weaker after baby. This is also the perfect beginner workout as well because the body needs time and gentle movements to get back into shape without risking injury.

This post natal workout contains 4 post baby exercises. These can be done with little weight at first because when you start to workout after pregnancy, you need to take it slow.

Here are the exercises in this new mom workout. Start with one set of 12 for each of the postpartum exercises, and as you get stronger, go for 2 to 3 sets:

1) Plie Squat With Front Raise – Challenges inner and outer thighs and arms

2) Plyo Plie Squat – Great for legs and raising the heart rate

3) Reverse Lunge With Shoulder Press (Each Side) – Hits the butt and shoulders at the same time

4) Push Ups – Helps strengthen the chest; can be done on the knees until you build up strength

5) Plank With Knee Bend – Challenging for the core

We hope you enjoyed these post partum exercises, which are meant for new moms but are perfect for beginners too!

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Part 4 of our POST PREGNANCY series is here! New moms…get ready to get a
lot stronger!

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