Post Pregnancy Workout – Get Back In Shape After Childbirth

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fitappy says:

@nainabachan You have time :) You can start here but in about a week or so
change exercises to something longer & more challenging for you (including
cardio). It’s not only exercising, though. Eating right & healthy is a

Naina Bachan says:

@fitappy thanks for so quick reply….i want to know what u mean by healthy
eating.actually i have a one year old who is still breastfeeding.can u give
me some tips for healthy eating considering my situatiion

fitappy says:

@nainabachan by healthy eating I mean ‘clean diet’: no junk food, lot of
veggies, fruits, lean meat, etc. Try to avoid as much as you can packaged
and processed food- prepare it yourself. I wouldn’t change much to quickly
if you still breastfeeding. you can always ask your doc for advise :)

Naina Bachan says:

hi….its a nice video..thanks for weight is 62 kg now and i
want to shed at least 5-6 kilos more till summer(April-may).Is it possible
if i only do these exercises.what u think how long will it take for me.

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