Post Pregnancy Exercise: Activate Transverse Abdominal Muscle

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Post Pregnancy Exercise: Lorraine from htttp:// shows you how to correctly activate your transverse abdominal muscle post pregnancy. Make sure you read my blog post that go’s with this video: How to exercise your TVA, First exercise to do post pregnancy. Activate TVA to reduce a diastasis recti:abdominal muscle separation post pregnancy. Activate tummy muscles correctly post baby. Get rid of your baby tummy. Reduce diastais post pregnancy. How to lose your post baby tummy


suki mizuke says:

i can hear the baby,so cute ^-^

MissChloe09 says:

I really wish someone would have told me about this muscle because I had no
idea about the separation! I am 15 weeks post partum and am just now
introducing myself into exercise. Can I start your program this late post

Abigail Rhysa C Bologa says:

Awesome. Thank you!

littlemanda27 says:

About the ad I saw before this video: Greek yogurt is NOT a health food,
not something to have often. Many Americans get too much protein. It’s
better to get it from plants, not dairy or other animal sources. Please
watch Forks Over Knives.

Junior Silva says:


James Sutherland says:

me gusta mucho!

Junior Silva says:

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Roy Toms says:

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PregnancyExercise Lorraine says:

Makes sure you watch my blog post that go’s with this video explaining how
important these muscles are

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