Post Natal Workout For Mothers – Part 1

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Follow our post natal workout to help get your body back into shape after the birth of your child. These easy to follow exercises will have you back in shape in no time.

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Piti Pinsach says:

Just allow me to make some remarks in reference to the exercises: 2
“Reverse hip curl” and, especially, Exercice 3 “Curls” For this exercise
you can better see what happens. It is important to see and feel what
happens with the abdominal muscles.
The abdomen is pushed out. You can guess what will happen to the abdominal
muscles. With systematic practice of these exercises is very likely to be a
decrease in resting muscle tone and cause the abdomen to distend. Let me
recommend you see hipopressives

ImJasonYaTube says:


SuperEllie87 says:

second : )

Shellah Sapanta says:


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