Post Natal Ab Exercises (How to get post baby tummy flat)

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The 2 best post natal abdominal exercises are:

1. Vacuum

2. Plank

These exercises strengthen your Transverse Abdominis, your deepest abdominal muscle. Think of the Transverse Abdominis as the body’s “girdle”. When contracted, this muscle compresses the abdominal wall (flattening your tummy).

You muscles will be weak when you are just getting back into exercising, so start with only a few repetitions of each exercise and work your way up.

Workout Breakdown
1. Plank Toe Taps
2. Plank Hip Side to Side
3. Plank Knee In, Straight Leg Out
4. Alternating Arm/Leg Plank
5. Back and Forth Plank
6. Vacuum

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ConsiderMeFit says:

Mel Hill – First, make sure to have your doctor’s approval before beginning
any exercises. Start with the “vacuum” exercise once per day, then start
adding in 1 exercise to your routine as you feel comfortable/strong enough.
Begin with 1 set each, working your way up to 3 sets.

Doing too much too soon only makes stomach separation and bulge worse. We
want to work on pulling our stomach IN to get it flat, so no crunches and
lots of vacuum (Really! It was simple but the MOST effective stomach
exercise I did after my baby.)

Don’t forget the importance of holding in your stomach throughout the day
and also watch your posture when holding your child. We tend to pitch the
pelvis forward to support our baby, which is no good for “mommy belly”.

And don’t forget to pick up the Essential Weight Loss and Nutrition Guide
for nutrition tips.

trey waldron says:

HI, I am almost two weeks P/N after my fourth baby. I had a very quick
normal delivery, not tears of trauma at all and feel great. Ive started
walking today (just a gentle 45 min). How many times a week would you
recommend I do your ab workout? (im desperate to get my tummy back!!!)

Mel Hill says:

Hey how many sets should you do for each? 

T PLovic says:


professionalmartinez says:

The plank position wouldn’t make diastsis worse?

Liana Brown says:

How often should you ideally do these exercises?

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