“Happy Baby” Workout fitness for Moms and babies with Real Hollywood Trainer, Dulcinea Lee

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Buy Dulcie’s fitness DVD for new moms! Happy Baby Workout is available NOW! http://happybabyworkout.com/ It’s not just a workout for Mom, its an enriching experience for baby.
What is the “Happy Baby” Workout?
The Happy Baby Workout is a unique exercise training routine for you and your baby designed to benefit you both and strengthen your bond. Mom’s get to exercise, and the baby builds valuable coordination skills, develops his brain, and gets “tummy time” to build strength in his neck muscles.

The Happy Baby Workout was designed by Fitness Expert, Dulcinea Lee Hellings and Early Childhood Development Specialist, Andrea Vickers.

“It’s not just a workout for Mom, it’s a enrichment program for Baby”
Watch Dulcinea’s new weekly workout show. Real Hollywood Trainer airs Mondays at 9amPST on http://www.realhollywoodtrainer.com/ or on The Real MomTV Network http://www.therealmomtv.com/hollywood-trainer/
ABOUT DULCINEA: Dulcinea Lee Hellings is the President and founder of ALIST FIT. She has been actively involved in the fitness industry for nearly 12 years. Dulcie is certified through AFTA in both Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction. She took 4th place in the 2003 Ms. Fitness Hollywood competition and continually strives to educate herself in all areas of health and wellness. She has designed BootCamp “Morning Crunch” as the latest extension of her Fitness Programming in hopes of reaching out to all of those In need of an effective and affordable means of exercise. She still leads the West Hollywood Boot Camp and loves it! Join LA’s #1 BootCamp “Moring Crunch” with 12 locations in LA/Beach/Valley Areas—Affordable & Fun, see RESULTS!
ABOUT ANDREA: Andrea Vickers is an Early Childhood Development Specialist
I graduated from Juniata College in 1996 with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Business Management. My degree included courses focused specifically on early childhood and infant development where I became fascinated about the first formative years of brain development. These studies led to a passion for educating parents and working with children to make the most of these formative years and give each child the opportunity to reach their full potential.


nimbolove says:

I’m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out fitness for mums try *Enlarbo
Mom Fitness Wizard* (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about
it and my cousin got great success with it. 

patatakap says:

Good choice of music. *thumbs up*

Татьяна Маяк says:

отжимания с ребенком

brittney greer says:

Thank you, thank you for posting this video! I just had my last baby who
had complications from the start which kept me sitting a lot to take care
him and when he slept, I slept! Finally things are getting to normal and I
am making time I desperately need to workout! It’s even better to do this
with my baby, he has so much fun! Hope to see more videos like this! 

eyesignful says:

I do not know who is having more fun??? You or adorable baby??? What a
hoot! You are just TOPS in MY book , Dulcy! I do baby mom Pilates using
baby for resistance! lOVe the bigger babes as moms progress, they do too,

eyesignful says:

He is beautiful and happy! Guess he will be a flirt!!

Dulcinea Hellings says:


AmberNikole101 says:

I really enjoy this! My little man is naping right now, But im sure to try
this when he gets up! Ive been looking for some thing llike this since I
delivered. He’s 14 weeks old & I have about 30 pounds to loose,
Unfourtunatly I had gestational diabetes with him so I gained 60 instead of
30 with him :/ Thank you so much for the video tho! Great introduction back
in to exercise & including baby as well!

Dulcinea Hellings says:

you are so welcome!

youmama131 says:

i did this workout with my 5 month daughter we both love she giggles and
laugh thank work out

mirsXanthorax says:

@mrsgomez760 thts becuase its a doll lol…

Danedhxk says:

I liked this two thumbs up!

ZyaMARIE Dennis says:

Awwww look at the little baby feet as he goes down!!!!! Awwww wheeeeee lol

DanteDMC says:

do proper push ups

Debi Uziel says:

you make it look so easy doing this,Awesome

Barbreazy20 says:

very effective for such a small workout :) my baby girl is 16 lbs and I
just tried this workout for the first time I can feel the burn in my inner
thighs and specially my arms which are my biggest problem areas so i give
this one an A+

SlayerVampirs says:

How many months should be a child to him to carry out these activities?

LinaBailarinaDeTHT says:

How about real pushups?

Javiera Medel says:

I love it! just my baby weight almost 10 pds so hard but perfect for get
back in shape fun!

lilfoxiq says:

I’m guessing you don’t have a baby… Babies tend to really like big
actions. When my baby (5 mo) is upset and needs comfort she likes really
big bounces. Going high up in the air is something we do to get her to
smile. Additionally, babies throw up and spit up from, ya know, eating and
not getting burped. Seriously, sometimes they don’t need an excuse at all.
You’ve got to remember, they were being majorly jostled in the womb. Going
up stairs, walking, Pilates, etc. Movement is comforting.

supermommy1210 says:

Love it! Babies are the best work out buddies.

M Hunter says:

did the baby throwup after the video ended?? how safe are the last two

mrsgomez760 says:

the 2nd baby doesn’t look too healthy lol


aw thats so cute

kid8005 says:

so cute!

Jamilly Anne says:

nao é seguro sacudir o baby tanto assim ;((((((((((((

Dulcinea Hellings says:

yeah babies!

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