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Let’s burn off some baby weight while we improve our core and our balance with our post baby workout. I’m Samantha Clayton, director of fitness at Herbalife and I’m here to help you enjoy an active, healthy life.

Today, I want to focus on some post pregnancy fitness moves. You can do this workout if you don’t have a baby, or if you’re a guy—exercise is exercise! The true focus of this workout is on the core and regaining control. Many muscles can be weakened or stressed during pregnancy, especially the hip flexors, upper and lower back, and the abdominal muscles. No need to get a baby sitter for this workout, simply get a step and get moving. So let’s get control by performing these moves with moms in mind:

• Warm up with a step-tap- step reach with knee lift
• Lunges—forward and back
• Plié squat pulse with the option to keep your heels up
• Tap down using a step
• Step over with knee lift
• Bridge pulse
• Modified V-sit pulse
• Modified push up to opposite leg and arm lift

After having a baby, you shouldn’t start a fitness routine before talking with your doctor. I know from experience that it takes time to regain your muscle control and balance after having a baby, so be patient and consistent.

The most important thing after having a baby is your mental wellbeing so take time to perform some of my breathing and meditation moves.

If you want more advice on getting back your post-baby body check out my Herbalife Fit Tips playlist and take a look at my blog for motivation and fitness advice.


TJM's Consultancy says:

Get in shape now: New mom workout by Samantha Clayton | #Herbalife fit


so amazing thank you :)

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Pablo Caisa says:

Hola Samanta por fabor puedes poner en español gracias

Randy Terrazas says:

Hello Samantha. I really enjoyed your presentation at Extravaganza last
weekend. This was my first and it was great. What a lot of information. I
hope I am not out of line but where can I go to get the Fitness Camp
information that was presented by Jennifer Micheli. I have been looking for
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excelent!!!! i love it thanks

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