FITNESS: Post-Pregnancy Workout with Hannah Maggs!

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Hannah Maggs shows us her top tips on getting back into shape after pregnancy & childbirth.

You can find the clothing Hannah wears in this video below:

Waffle Knit Throw –

Polka Dot Denim Shorts –

Long Sleeve Hoody –

Athletic Works Running Shorts –

Spot Tie Front Blouse –

Lace Panel Top –

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Check out Hannah’s channel here:

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Arabella Wildgoose says:

I love watching your videos!! I also have a youtube channel where I vlog my
daily life.. i’d love it if you came over & subscribed <3

Organised Muslimah says:

I 100% agree with u on the mental health benefits of exercise being the
being the best bit. It’s the main reason i exercise.

On a slight tangent: I was so glad that u talked about pre-natal
depression. I had no idea it existed & how common it is! It’s so important
for women to be informed. I know u did ur pregnancy vlogs to help women who
might not have a mother to ask for advice during pregnancy. U definitely
fulfilled that purpose with ur non-sugar coated vlogs. Thank u xx

belieber says:

Grayson is the most adorable little thing i have ever seen

Pink Glitter says:

will this work if you want to lose weight around the belly area? and i
haven’t been pregnant.

Lisa Shakespeare says:

My son shares a birthday with Grayson & I agree with you, start slowly. I
am still trying to get back in to shape but am finding it a little harder
than most as I broke my ankle when I was 24 weeks pregnant. My injury
prevents me from doing certain exercises at the moment & I can basically
only manage gentle walking. I have been advised that clinical pilates &
compression pants will help & am looking in to joining a pilates class. 

Khalasar Geo says:

mr G is so little in here :)) love this family <3

PorcoGrosso says:

Yoga tip! Resting your foot on your knee during tree pose is a bad idea, as
it’s super bad for your knee! Either rest it above or below, whichever
you’re most comfortable/balanced with x

Leah Nash says:

Yay first commend love Hannah 

Livvy CR says:

Lovely to see Hannah and G man. Such a cute video :)

FrissalsFruit says:

Nice video thankx!
Can you make another beauty vlog soon?

ash cash says:

Lol Mr.G keeps sucking her hands 

Emily Lynch says:

You give such good advice :-) great video 

Kristy O'Donnell says:

Love A little more Maggs videos!

Alana Morris says:

Grayson’s sooo cute!!!!!

Mace B says:

How old is she

Claire Duncanson says:
Denise Lopez says:

Oh and I just posted an easy yoga routine if anyone is interested. :) +La
Vida Lopez 

Justyna Czuj says:

I love Hannah and Steffy and mr g

myplaylist112233 says:

Hannah is awesome :)

Denise Lopez says:

I’m not a mommy yet but great tips!!

Hanna4645 says:

I love hannah’s videos!

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