Diastasis Recti Exercise: Post Pregnancy Safe Exercise

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Diastasis Recti Exercise: Post Pregnancy Exercise For Abdominal Muscle Separation- rectus diastasis Lorraine from http://pregnancyexercise.co.nz shows you exercises to do post pregnancy to reduce your diastasis recti. This exercise is the lower abdominal transverse abdominal lower leg slides. Can be done post a C section and started from 10-12 days post birth. Visit our website for a 12 week postpartum workout to heal your diastasis recti


Selenarte Decoupage says:

How do I find the entire program of exercises for abdominal separation

Lorraine Scapens says:

Thats awesome you can now add the squats and ballerina’s ccheck out my fb
page @Pregnancy Exercise for lots more exercises. Keep doing the slides and
bridges you can even start on the latest exercise video and do the side
plank push up :-)

PregnancyExercise Lorraine says:

Lose your baby tummy safe and effectively and get your full 12 week program
which is available on my site today, don’t wait! Available globally click
on the link now :-)

sinu shifa says:

Hai….My child is now 1 and half year old…I am thin….But I havent lost
my babby tummy yet…..There is diastasis recti also…can i follow the
same to heal it..?How often in a day i have to the exercise..?By what
period it will be reduced?Please help me…

aysh765 says:

hey..i have 1 1/2 finger width space…is that normal or does that mean i
have diastasis recti?im not sure what exercises to do thats why..i relly
want to tone my stomach aswell

PregnancyExercise Lorraine says:

Hi Sinu thanks for your comment you need to do the exercises 5 times a week
and think about your posture you should have a look at the full
Birth2FitMum 12 week program on my website and the playlist healing your
mummy tummy on my YT channel hope helps :-)

Lorraine Scapens says:

No that is not normal you do have a DR, follow the exercises leg slides and
hip bridges and you should check out the Birth2fitmum program on my website

sinu shifa says:

Hai..How r u and family?Thank You very much for your reply….There is a
great change to my recti split as i started doin ur exercises….Now i have
only 2 finger spaced split…Can i now start other exercises to reduce my

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