Denise Austin: Prenatal Cardio Workout- Fit & Firm Pregnancy

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Denise Austin: Prenatal Cardio Workout from Fit & Firm Pregnancy is a fun, low-impact, 20-minute heart-healthy aerobic workout that is adapted for all three trimesters to boost metabolism, burn calories, and tone the entire body. Boost energy and perfect posture with Legendary Fitness Expert, Denise Austin as she takes you through this low intensity, joint-friendly segment from her popular “Fit & Firm Pregnancy” Workout DVD. Now you can re-shape your body and build everyday strength throughout all 9 months of your pregnancy with one of the best in the business. Challenge your core as you focus your breathing and activate the abs. You will feel energized, refreshed, and renewed as you firm the chest, buns, arms, legs, and back through a combination of upbeat cardio exercise, dance steps and quintessential sculpting moves such as lunges, lifts, squats, kicks, and stretching variations. You will need a towel and a bottle of water to complete this routine that is great for all ages, trimesters, and fitness levels. Look and feel your best on the road to a slim and toned post-baby body right from your own home with Denise Austin! For more Denise Austin workouts, click here:

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Sharon Crose says:

I’m 28 weeks & doing this workout because I’ve gained alot of weight &
become unfit :) I love doing this workout, x

Brett Barlet says:

i love this workout im 24 weeks and work most days so this helps me with my
back pain from standing at work and feeling more comfortable with my body
after baby is born and i will be doing more of her other workout to keep my
body in shape. thank you :)

Ruben Hernandez says:

I did the whole workout and I’m 12 weeks I think?? Well very helpful I
loved it it gave me a lot of support that I needed to get going :) and I’m
way out of shape but I keep trying

connie martinez says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

sillysandy123 says:

Not for the uncoordinated, quit halfway couldn’t get coordinated

Evsevia Mavrommati says:

That was awesome.! it made me feel so good about myself and that I’m
actually doing something for my baby and I! I started felling a bit
depressed and I needed a change! Cheers! :)

Sunil Shrestha says:

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Su-Caprichosita says:

I remember i use to watch her during my whole pregnancy in 2004 and had a
healthy energetic baby and I felt awesome and my baby fat was gone quicker
than I thought

mirian barboza says:

im 20 weeks pregnant and did 15 mins of this and then i felt like trowing
up so i stoped i think if i should of started sooner i would be able to
finish it ;/ im going to keep doing it everyday till im able to finish it

Jenna Voros says:

Really fun and safe workout, I like how you encourage 😉 Thanx

Nini Nimpa says:

Can I do this exercises in second and third trimester?

Jasser ben othman says:

My weight has been dropping 5 pounds every week by following
ExprezSliminizer products.

Su-Caprichosita says:

I remember i use to watch her during my whole pregnancy in 2004 and had a
healthy energetic baby and I felt awesome and my baby fat was gone quicker
than I thought

Manu Shrestha says:

People, now say goodbye to your unwanted fat. Start the ExprezSliminizer
plan and get the ever wanted results in no time.

Chely Lo says:

I love it… this is fun and energetic. …my 2nd week doing it and im 25
weeks pregnant!!!

Docile Docile says:

wow amazing :)

Christina Carter says:

Best workout ever. Love Denise Austin! 

sugs chughs says:

The only pregnancy workout I’ve been able to complete so good in 18 weeks
prego. Don’t usually do a lot of exercise but this has not got me out of
breath and about to die lol love it will try and do it 5 times a week. Put
on 5 stones with my first pregnancy don’t want to make the same mistake by
being lazy 

Deviltje123 says:

I am 20 weeks pregnant and just finished this workout. If you like classic
aerobic classes then this is one for you. If you are like me and cannot
remember choreographies for the life of you, take it easy and view it as a
good exercise for body coordination and just replace mambo steps and the
like with your best freestyle latin dance moves 😉

All in all, I would recommend it! It was fun to watch and I felt safe doing

AmaaL Jeraar says:

Hi, can a 4 week pregrant do this workout? 

venkat valliappan says:

Shed all you fat through ExprezSliminizer.

Marilyn Gomez says:

I see ppl a4e saying this isnt intense enough. I seem to be extremely out
of shape 

Christine Toves says:

It is good that this workout isn’t challenging because if your heart rate
goes beyond what’s needed during your pregnancy workouts, it could cause
stress to baby…workouts during pregnancy are meant to keep you moving,
healthy-ish , and also to keep baby healthy. So you don’t have a hard time
during labor and post partum stages.

Kiri Clayton says:

Second pregnancy , I love this thank you . Definitely makes me feel so much
better, stronger.

martina dicorato says:

i am 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant and this is just great, will keep this up
until i can :-) definitely recommend…thanks a lot for posting :-) 

Danielle Benson says:

that was fun : )

milap dangol says:

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it so easily using Skinnimaker Routine (Google it).

aanchal Sethi says:

Thnx a lot !! I really love working out with ur video ..

Amanda McAvoy says:

Denise always cracks me up cause she is so cheesy 😉 “yes, that’s it!”

lukman hakim says:

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Tyler Stockton says:

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mejremazatric says:

Hi! Can we do this in our third trimester? (it’s amazing, thank you!!)

Kelley Duda says:

Glad to see everyone who’s pregnant getting interested in exercise. It’s
very important for circulation to the baby and will ease labor stresses.

Erin A says:

Oh yeay all the pregnant American women are very skinny !

Anjelica Mucci says:

I love that you guys have so many prenatal workouts; I just wish you had a
playlist of them on your page to make them easy to find

fady william says:

can i do this during my first trimester can someone replies plz?

Kendra Moralez says:

is it just me or does all these womens bellies look fake

khanal uddavi says:

To folks who want to get skinnier some day, Go and google Skinnimaker
System so you can get started

TheZenSiopao says:

20 weeks preggo. Gained 17lbs already. Never exercised before. (Just
tried this for the first time today because I ate 18 pieces of Chunky
Chips Ahoy & felt SO guilty.) It isn’t intense. But it’s a good starter
workout for somebody who has never exercised. It’s just right. Glad I
tried this! Will start exercising from now on!

Lexi Adams says:

If I were more coordinated it would be even more fun, lol.

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