Body after baby, pregnancy and c section. Get fit.

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This video is an intro to what this channel will be about. Fitness and health. Body and baby. Whatever you guys want to hear about be sure to leave it in the comments below. Follow our fitness journey on Instagram @cjgetfit


CJ Holman says:

Hey Haley, I honestly tried to not pay attention to the lose skin because
it would drive me crazy. Time is your best bet along with exercise. I
hardly do ab exercises and my tummy toned up on its own with good eating
and regular exercise. I did do a lot of running and some planking though.
It’s good for your core.

Cilla Latte says:

You should make more videos

Fatma Nuur says:

Hej C am am mom to 3 boys the last baby had him at the 9th of Aug this year
via c section I love to get fit plz share what ever help am now 3 weeks and
3 days .. I followed u on instagram to .. thanks

Haley Harris says:

I’m four mo post partum i had a c section but i have a bit of lose skin
howed you deal with that

Fatma Nuur says:

Hey Hun , he is a boy .. thank u for the video

CJ Holman says:

Hey Fatma, congrats on your baby (boy or girl?) ! I will post a video later
today or tomorrow about my intro to fitness and what should do to start.
Thanks for the follow and look out for the videos :)

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