Best Post Pregnancy Exercise: Tai Chi Weight Loss Post Pregnancy Workout

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Best Post Pregnancy Exercise: Dr. Pauline Bao explains the 7 reasons why tai chi is the best post pregnancy workout for losing your post pregnancy belly fat, getting back your pre-baby beauty and achieving great health.

Not only does she explain why tai chi post pregnancy exercise is beneficial, she gracefully demonstrates this post pregnancy workout to soft tai chi music in a park.


chanaka2424 says:

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Zunaira Aqeel says:

woow that is nice doctor.. my baby is 4 months old can i start it now or is
it late for me?? :) and my other question is that for how long we can do
this exercise? i mean for how many mintes?

rahikalhasan says:

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Jayant Bhusal says:

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shagei1 says:

Salve Pauline, ho iniziato da poco a praticare tai chi chuan e mi sono
appassionata, volevo sapere se lei verrà in Italia a tenere stage. Mi piace
molto il suo modo di praticare e vorrei poter studiare con lei. Grazie

cohoba77 says:

Hello. What type of tai chi is best for women?

Igor Burzhan says:

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vipmrbin says:

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rabia k says:

do u have any exercise for sciatica pain, that i had after my pregnancy. i
wana loose weight, but becuz of my sciatica pain i cant…

PostPregnancyBelly says:

@TheXunni. Thanks for your question. Certainly, it is NOT too late for you
to start practicing tai chi. It is an exercise for anyone, at any age…and
you will find it extremely beneficial. Tai chi is a fantastic exercise that
builds muscle, flexibility and balance. It also greatly enhances the
functioning of your organs. I suggest you begin with 15-30 minutes of tai
chi to start off with. Take it slow so you don’t hurt yourself, and be
patient with your progress. Good luck. Dr. Bao

Yogesh Patel says:

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Zunaira Aqeel says:

@PostPregnancyBelly thanks Doctor :)

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Micky Arthur says:

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marylouisedart says:

Your tai chi is very beautiful. Thank you for this lovely video and great
information. I never thought so much about my organs and blood and
‘internal health’ like how you talk about. Its a very interesting.

Lina Khan says:

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