3 Exercises to Flatten Abs After Pregnancy

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After childbirth, it is very common for women to develop the dreaded “baby belly.”

There are a number of reasons why this happens (I explain these reasons in my post “How to Flatten Your Abs After Pregnancy,” http://friendyourbody.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-flatten-your-tummy-after-pregnancy)

The good news is you can bring your body back to pre-baby shape with simple, healthy lifestyle changes.

But let me be clear, building and maintaining flat abs after pregnancy is not simply about doing crunches—you cannot “spot reduce” by doing abdominal exercises. That is, you cannot reduce fat in your midsection by working the muscles in that targeted region.

In addition to eating clean, balanced meals in proportion for your Metabolic Type, and drinking adequate amounts of water, it is very important that you perform corrective core exercises to activate your deep stabilizing core muscles. These muscles not only help you build stability for your spine and your entire body, but they also help you create your own built-in girdle (yes, these muscles help you achieve a flat tummy from the inside.)

I always recommend testing your core strength to create a starting point with your abdominal training, and once you’ve determined your baseline, you can then create an effective abdominal training plan for yourself. To learn how to test your core and get started with some base core conditioning exercises check out my post “How to Flatten Your Abs After Pregnancy.”

Once you’ve assessed your core and performed the base core conditioning exercises for 4-6 weeks, you can then move on to more advanced core training.

Below are three simple exercises that you can do to build your core from the inside out creating a strong foundation for all movement and flattening your abs.

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And if you’re looking for an entire exercise plan to help you flatten your abs and tone your whole body, I urge you to check out our DIY Healthy Solutions on the Go Program, http://friendyourbody.com/DIY, which is available online for you to access at your convenience.

To flattening your abs,

Melissa Koerner


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