Unassisted Childbirth | Natural Childbirth at Home

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Natural childbirth video of our son’s planned unassisted birth at home, born after a 45 minute labor in 16 contractions. http://www.GivingBirthNaturally.com

38 weeks, 0 days pregnant. March 9th, 2010. 9lbs, 3oz and 21 inches long.

This is what normal birth looks like, when women are left alone to let their bodies birth their babies without interference. Please feel free to share this, as the more women who see normal birth, the better!

For the full birth story, visit http://www.givingbirthnaturally.com/natural_childbirth_video.html

And no, it didn’t hurt.

For relevant research references on homebirth safety, see the Annotated Guide to Homebirth Literature at: http://www.bcmidwives.com/files/Home%20Birth%20Annotated%20guide%20to%20the%20literature%20May%202011.pdf and the College of Physian’s Resource Manual on Planned Homebirths at: https://www.cpsbc.ca/files/u6/Planned-Home-Births.pdf

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Sara Khader says:

Wtf did YouTube bring me to

BeeBee G says:

This video made me cry… So beautiful!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Mariee Campbell says:

I really love this it’s so special and I don’t think it’s wrong for your
kids to see you give birth… that’s beautiful

Alex Kubetin says:

awww. this was actually really sweet! what a special & magical moment for
you & your husband. <3 your emotions were beautiful. i’m 9 weeks & 2 days
pregnant with my first child & i can’t wait for this moment. <3

Erika Moses says:

What a beautiful birth. Thank you for this video. I have watched many, many
videos all day and this one is simply amazing. I hope I get to deliver at
home as well. Thank you for the encouragement. 

Bob Smith says:

Lucky. Not worth the risk in my opinion. What if there was some
complication and no one with expertise there to assist the baby or mother.
I’m glad everything turned out well but even if the risk is extremely low
it is still not a risk worth taking. The experience is beautiful In a
hospital also. 

sannemariee22 says:

Why on the bed? That’s a huge mess. 

ArmadaOne says:

This person steals videos from other users, then renames those videos,
uploads them and changes the description to make it look like he owns them
and makes it look like the videos are uploaded for educational purposes
when in reality he just wants ad revenue and score hits.
This channel is a scam and this user is a thief.

Alieshe Worrell says:

Tough chick

Amanda Pasko says:

Babies cry more when born into the hands of strangers..

KmeyHamato says:

it was your how much..??
it always seems easy when not the 1rst.

anyway – very touching – I plan to haver my 1rst baby boy at home too.. :)

DefinitelyDiceey says:

read the description . its a boy .

Turner Clan says:

oh my mama you did AMAZING made me cry im due in 2 months with a VBAC im so
excited to meat my first baby girl!

James Haaf says:

Thanks so much for this. I’m working on a novel set in the 18th Century and
feel I can describe child birth as it was intended.

Ta nia says:

Your husband is adorable !

natka jankowska says:

oh my God, this was seriously beautiful, God bless this boy!

bimmi says:

45 min wow you’re so lucky!!

lolabannana89 says:

She makes this looks so easy. I would have been screaming for someone to
kill me. Just the reactions from the parents was enough to change my mind
about not having kids, then I looked at the pictures for other videos on
the right and I quickly changed my mind.

Vanessa L. says:

I love this! Daddy was so darn excited it was cute. Congrats!!

Darcey Vinson says:

Now that’s a real woman! Real love ! How beautiful!

David Boulos says:

temebaka1 awwww :)

April Sifuentez says:

Am I the only one who thought the baby was oddly still? I would have
freaked out!! But kudos on birthing him without a sound!

Hadleigh McCartney says:

your MILLIONS of captions in the upper right conrner fucking ruined the

chickenlimbo7 says:

Yep I def cried. This is so amazing.

Sweet Sirens Song ASMR says:

This is so beautiful!!!!

GivingBirthNaturally says:

No, there wasn’t. It was on a tripod.

GivingBirthNaturally says:

A normal birth is defined as one free from unnecessary medical intervention
wherein the mother gives birth where, when and with whom she chooses, has
unrestricted access to food/drink, can move in any position she desires
throughout the entire labor, with no coached/”purple” pushing, no time
limits on labor and a physiological third stage (wherein the placenta is
allowed to detach on its own/no cord traction and the cord isn’t
cut/clamped until after it stops pulsing.

3ztrellaR says:

Ahh, ok thanks for the feedback.

Sosquiid says:

Masha’Allah I could cry

Turner Clan says:

I agree BUT pushing for 2.5 isn’t the NORM either

Lindsey Berger says:

Thank you for sharing such an amazing video of your home birth. So

Tegan H says:

I love how you both cry after… so beautiful, thank you

TappysJuiceGirl says:

Beautiful! This is exactly what I want if I am fortunate enough to get
pregnant again!

Katie Donson Howe says:

to dollbabysinger….how the hell did we manage to survive and evolve
millennia without someone “medical” around?? have faith in your body, it
knows what to do

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