Tips for Unmedicated/Natural Birth

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naimae says:

Amazing video! Thank you so much for the tips and encouragement! Im 37
weeks and having a natural birth. I needed this

82melski says:

I think you were my doula with Aria! Just randomly found this video while
searching. :)

QueenMe! says:

My first child I delivered. I wasnt checked before my epidural. I went into
transition and I went NUTS!!!!!! I was screaming and ready for an epidural.
If i knew that right after the epidural I said I had to poop and it was
time to push, I would have never done it. I know now though, Im a little
antsy im 29 weeks but I know I can do it all natural this time! :)

christina pena says:

i went from 6 cm to 10 in less than 5 minutes.pushes 3 times and mine was
out..quick but super painful.

82melski says:

You are an awesome doula!! :)

G. Espinoza says:

Very nice video! I’m 30 weeks and also planning to have a natural birth.

Sharina Washington says:

I love the idea about using a code word! Definitely going to do that. I
think I might use hippopotamus :)

lisa valdez says:

Kayla thank you so much for this video. I took down a lot of your tips.
This only made me confirm that I want to have my baby with a midwife. I
really appreciate this video.

chlomama says:

lol you’re really selling this. 

Ashikiiful says:

youve done a good job with this i couldnt have walked through it better
myself its not easy by any means but its an accomplishment unlike no other

Shay Boone says:

Great tips about getting checked if you decide you want an epideral!! I had
a natural birth with my first and I was saying I wanted the epideral… my
husband encouraged me to get checked and I was at 8cm! I knew I could make
it then. Awesome advice!

Ecatarina Grant says:

This was a great video. I am excited to do this thing now!!

swbarrett86 says:

Most informative video I have watched. Thank you SO much!

Kayla W says:

You’re welcome! I’m glad you found it helpful. Best of luck with your
upcoming birth!

Kayla W says:

Great topic! I’ll try to get one up in the next week or so. And congrats on
your pregnancy!

krisscouture says:

Can YOU be my doula?! Lol you explained everything so well I loved this
video I never knew the 3 stages of labor and I’m glad to know it doesnt hit
you like a .. something that hits you fast, but it slowly comes on and just
take each contraction and stage at a time. I’m pretty determined to do it
all natural!

Rebekah-Lynn McAskill says:

This guy sounds like a major tool. I suggest finding another doctor or go
to a midwfe. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot handle it. This is
what women are made for and only you know how much you can handle. There is
a documentary called the business of being born, that you can find here on
youtube it is really good … all the best!

QuietPiper90 says:

This was soooo helpful! I am 8 weeks with my first and all of the horror
stories about natural birth had me a bit freaked out. A good friend had a
natural birth almost a month ago and she told me to start looking up
natural birthing tips. This was great — knowing exactly how transition/the
pushing stage works really makes me feel like I can do this! :)

TobanMokey says:

hahahah “transition… transition sucks” hehehe :) great and super helpful
video! Thanks for giving me confidence!!

Kenya Jordaine says:

LMAO @ I wouldn’t have cared if a circus came in

1001myplaylist says:

I am 4 weeks pregnant, just found out yesterday:) *first one!*Went to the
doctor after I found out and he STRONGLY advised me against natural drug
free birth cause he said I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I was asking him
if my medical covered getting a doula, and he said he didn’t even know what
that was. My heart dropped. This guy is probably getting ready to retire in
the next 5 years and he didn’t know. I do not want to be in a hospital when
I give birth, I want to do my own thing!!!!

Kayla W says:

I work on a sliding scale. If a client needs a doula and cannot afford my
usual price and our personalities click, I will generally lower my rate or
waive my fee entirely for them.

galaxydreams3 says:

this is SO helpful! I learned a lot. thank you so much for uploading this!
I am pregnant with my 3rd. going to do natrual VBA2C so i have no idea what
to expect. I have never been in labor before. I am excited about it and
knowing what to expect is going to help ease my mind a ton. THANKYOU! ♥

bseger85 says:

i gave birth without any pain meds with my 2nd child, i begged…and
begged…for an epidural or a c-section, ANYTHING to take the pain away…i
stayed in transition for 3 hours bc the nurse didnt empty my bladder
(catheterize me) and i had company soo…didnt use the bedpan lol…his
head was “stuck” for awhile n everytime they checked me i was at 4, but as
soon as they emptied my bladder,he came straight out. (28wk preemie) i am
pregnant again n want to try natural but im sooo terrified!!!

QuietPiper90 says:

Thank you! :)

ExcelAndBeExcellent says:

How much do you charge for your services and what do they include?

taijatepool says:

Thank you so much for this video. :-)

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