Tips for a Successful NATURAL Birth!

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I get asked CONSTANTLY for tips on how to achieve a natural birth, so this is the best advice I can give to anyone who really wants to have an all natural, unmedicated labor and delivery. Please add any other tips you might have into the comment section as well. Enjoy! :)




Danielle C says:

The important thing is IF people arr in labour and go for an epidural it
DOESNT MATTER! No one ever won a prize for not taking meds during labour.
It doesnt make you a better person just because you did it without. You
aint gunna get a blue peter badge! People shoukd be JUST AS proud to
deliver a baby whether they had meds or not!

ugottabejokinright says:

Great video! I am due 12/31 w/my 1st & want to go unmedicated. I may have
to have a c-section due to a softball-sized uterine fibroid I have, but
they won’t know for sure until labor starts. I really hope I’ll be able to
do it naturally, I believe will be so empowering & i’d rather feel the pain
than be numb or doped up & not remember anything. Please pray I have a good
birth & healthy baby; I am 38yrs old & baby has been perfect so far<3

Mellby88 says:

I decided I wanted a home birth after watching the business of being born
then the series of more business of being born. There is so much
information in those films about hospital births, home births and
everything. If u are thinking of a home birth I highly recommend those 2.
Thanx for the tips, I’ll keep them in mind when my time is here

KierraAndBaby says:

I agree ! It definitely is Mental ! It’s Painful, but you just have to set
your mind to it. I definitely am going to try to go ALL natural with this
little girl . I went unmedicated all the way until I was 8 CM with my son,
but just doing research and hearing other Completely natural birth stories,
I definitely want to try it out. GREAT TIPS JESS! 

Lovetheworld says:

Know this sounds kinda weird cuz I’ve never ha a baby lol but I really
think I wouldn’t tell anyone I was having a natural birth and then
afterwards tell people because people can charge your mind state very

BRITTIE94 says:

I love this video, my birth is coming some time this month with my first
baby & I am not going to be using an epidural. I’ve replayed this video
like once a month since you’ve posted it & I love it. I wish I could like
have YOU at my birth hahah honestly I feel so close to you that you could
help me. You are so strong Jess & I am so glad you’ve shared your life on
YouTube because it’s certainly made an impact on mine ❤️

GabeandJesss says:

My tips for if you want to achieve a natural birth! Share some of your tips
in the comments!

An Mo says:

I delivered my first completely unmedicated, after 41 hours of labor and 2
hours pushing. It was long, but also the most peaceful labor I could have
wished for. The things that kept me going were rest, rest, rest, eat, eat,
DRINK, and MOVE. I did not get too excited or anxious too soon. I went
about my daily routine as long as possible because I needed to remain calm
and conserve my energy.

The points about relaxing and embracing the pain are absolutely true! As
soon as I began to let go, things moved along much faster. Because I was
under no medication, and no artificial hormones (pitocin), I didn’t have to
worry about the pain being unbearable. I knew my body wouldn’t deliver
something too difficult for it to handle– if that makes any sense.

Kyles45Angel says:

All birth is natural. It can’t be anything else. You had an un medicated
birth. Even if a woman has a C-section it’s still natural. If I cut
something that is natural it doesn’t make it not natural either. Birth and
pregnancy are the most natural thing a woman can do. The fact you do it at
home without an epidural, doesn’t make every other birth not natural.

naturalmommy07 says:

Had my first baby this year totally unmedicated and as hard as it was I
agree with you jess I’d never do it any other way!

Linda Weaver says:

Getting through a natural child birth with a positive mindset

Jodi M says:

It is absolutely necessary to have the coping skills and techniques to get
through it. But I was told if you’re “suffering” and not coping anymore get
the medication. I was doing excellent until hour 33 and made it through an
hour of horrendous back labor/screaming with only a second between
contractions before I got the gas and fentanyl. I absolutely do not regret
it because neither did anything for the pain, I still felt everything.. but
it was a bit of a distraction to help get me through the next hour before
pushing. This was my first so my second should be a bit faster. I want to
have a water birth at home next time especially after watching yours.
You’re right it’s best to just have no other option if this is what you
really want.

heidikimTV says:

I just tagged you to do the home birth/birth center tag. It was so fun!!!

Breeanna Sierra says:

I loved this! So encouraging. I’m 26 and want to plan having my second
soon. My first was very similar with your first 😉 

Alexandra Seppey says:

I had an epi, and I don’t regret it in the least, I had a wonderful epi
birth and recovery, but I went in wanting a natural birth so bad. I
actually watched you giving birth to your twins when I was pregnant and was
like DAMN, if this girl can deliver twins unmedicated, I can push out my
one! You were such an inspiration! Unfortunately, I got stuck at 5 cm for
like 20 hours and I couldn’t relax. I think 1. there were too many people
in my room and I felt really self-conscious in front of them (especially
hubby’s family), and 2. I was not allowed to walk for HOURS. They said I
wasn’t allowed to, and I didn’t advocate for myself and no one else did
either. And while I was terrified of getting the epi, I still kind of went
in there thinking “well if it gets TOO bad there is the option.” If and
when we have another baby, I definitely am going to aim for natural again. 

MakingBabyTaylor says:

Yes, doulas are so awesome! Visualizing and staying relaxed (especially in
my mouth/face) really helped last time, as well as keeping vocalizations
low in tone. This time I am doing the Hypnobabies home study course to
prepare and so far it is amazing!

Bridget May says:

I knew right from the moment I was pregnant I wanted a natural birth. No c
section, no epidural, no medication! However.. All my friends laughed at
me, told me there is no way I could do it, just wait until your in labour
you’ll see! So i then convinced myself i needed the epidural and i couldn’t
do it! But I did :-)! They were all so shocked to hear that I did do it
without any medication or complications and I’m so so glad I did! My tip
would be, don’t listen to people’s ‘horror stories’ about labor and birth.
Have a strong mind and think a few hours of pain, and you’ll have your
beautiful baby for the rest of you life. It’s totally worth it!!

Ashley Elizabeth says:

+GabeandJesss The one thing I’ve heard consistently through natural birth
stories is that you have to let the pain take over and you have to
surrender to it. Fighting the pain only makes you more tired physically and
mentally. This is awesome advice, Jess. You are so strong!

TheGLOSSette says:

I have very low pain tolerance in general like I felt everything they did
when they removed my wisdom teeth even though they gave me a bit of the
anesthetics or what have you. After hearing about your experience of
medicated vs non medicated labor… I’m thinking of going natural cuz of
the post labor symptoms but I dunno if I can handle the pain of an
un-medicated birth. 

lovelylaya810 says:

I had a natural birth , I didn’t know about medicine then , so I just went
natural . I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 28 weeks ! so I didn’t
have time to even think about options (I was 16 and married ). 14 years
later I’m 13 weeks and super nervous this time lol until

Elke Vanhoutte says:

I’m a couple of years away from having baby’s but I already know I want a
natural birth! And your video’s also contribute to that. I want to inform
myself very well even before getting pregnant and if I would need to give
birth in a hospital I want to search for one that will respect my wishes.
I’m curious about how it’ll end up happening. But I feel good about already
being aware.

ILoVeBeing AmOm says:

Please do a update with everything with drake. Has he seen the kids and co
parenting. . And how your feeling. I love watching your videos. I know it’s
a sensitive topic. If you don’t want to share we understand jut let us
know:) sending my love!

Linda Weaver says:

What you said about having the right mindset sounded very personal and
that’s very inspiring. It’s bravery and control talking considering that
you had twins! This is a great help for those who want to have natural

Heather Carley says:

This is all very very good advice! I had this mindset for each of my 4
babes. In fact the last thing I remember before my emergency c-section with
#1 was my Midwife explaining that a c-section was necessary. “No! I’m doing
it!”, I said. “No, you aren’t!”, she laughed. Then they put the mask over
my face and saved my baby.

Still, I never regretted my determination and I went on to have 3 perfectly
joyful and empowering unmedicated vbacs!

Thanks Jess for being an advocate for women! Now go and get your degree and
license in midwifery woman! This is your calling! 

aamendt says:

be up and moving as much as possible. also, try to avoid laying down while
pushing, it makes the birth canal smaller.

tier radke says:

I went through 22 hrs of labor with my son! I got the 1st epidural after 7
hrs, and it didn’t work… so I had to wait another 7 hrs to get the 2nd
one! it was rough… so honestly ur so much braver than me cuz I could
never go natural lol… how many hrs of labor were u in with all ur kids?!

ally jones says:

jess i was wondering if at any point duing the twins birth if u thought to
yourself i should just get the epidural ?? also did your mom have you
natural ? im curious

Marina Tran says:

This was posted on my birthday

Ty P says:

Is having gas and air a natural birth ?

Di Life and Style says:

Great tips! I’m def going on the natural route; no interventions unless
med. nec. I don’t even feel like I have a choice. I have to do it for my
health and the baby’s health. It’s proven that one intervention (pitocin,
epidural, episiotomy…etc) leads to a domino effect usually ending in a C
section or other complication, and I would like to skip that horror. But
I’m glad most women have a choice and I’m not against other women’s

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