Three Secrets to Natural Childbirth – Episode 1

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Welcome to my first video blog episode! I share three useful tips when considering a natural childbirth.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with a natural birth in the comments below. What would you add to my list?

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j stone says:

As a mother of 5 I can say that when I hired a doula for my 5th birth it
made my birthing experience completely different. Having the support of a
trained birthing partner to support you, is money well spent. It was by far
my best birth. I am being induced tonight and havey doula again from my
last birth, she will be joining my hisband and myself when things kick intl
gear. I had no drugs last time thanks to her and we’re aiming for the same

Rooted Blessings says:

Woot! Doulas! 

Kodak AGGSWE says:

Thanks for your email. I hope you make new videos. I will be commenting and
watching, I love videos like this. Follow us Kid’s night out parents night

Heidi Jones says:

I had two amazing homebirths. My tips for all natural during labour, during
birth, and right after baby is out: get a great experienced midwife who is
totally hands off, no cervical checks cause they can bring on infections
and misinform mama and doctor about how labor is progressing, peace and
quiet in the room with dim lights, waterbirth. Don’t let anyone touch or
pull on the baby as it’s coming through the birthcanal, motherdirected
pushing, good positions like hands and knees for mama, relax in between and
even during contractions cause that way they will hurt less, be lovingly
close with your partner during it all. After baby is born: no sucking out
babies mouth and nose, no hat, no chatting, no patting the baby. Mama can
hold her baby skin to skin. Breathing will start up nicely withing about 60
seconds. Extended cordclamping is so important too. Then when mama needs
time to birth the placenta and shower, skin on skin with daddy. And of
course breastfeeding right after birth, learning how to latch on a newborn
can be difficult so i looked up you tube videos on how to do it, helped me
a ton. Also a good lactationconsultant who will come to you anytime to help
with latching is so good. After everything, placenta encapsulation is
amazing to keep you natural health and wellbeing going strong. 

TravelingFlicks says:

Hi guys! I’m going to start a vlog! wenhave a 1 year old little girl and we
travel around the world!!! Please subscribe and give us some support! I’m
uploading the 123 tag and 12 month postpartum + belly shot today!!! Please
follow our travels!!

Mary-Jane Phillips says:

Knowledge about active births helps. And techniques to prevent
intervention. Such as staying home till ready.

Kodak AGGSWE says:

Mama natural has great videos on natural birth as well.

Cati Ellen says:

I wanted to have a natural birth with my second-born daughter in the
hospital, but I was totally unprepared for “how” to have a natural birth.
For me, just wanting a natural birth wasn’t enough. I didn’t have any
coping techniques for when the pain came, and I’ll admit, I BEGGED for that
epidural. I really feel as though if I *had* someone there who knew my
wishes, she could have helped refocus me. I think you CAN have the natural
childbirth you want, even in a hospital, but it’ll likely be up to you and
the support team you build and bring with you, to increase your chances.
Most labor and delivery wards in the US just aren’t going to understand why
you’re doing it this way.
It’s important for any mom to realize that sometimes our births just don’t
go the way we planned them to. The best you can do is make a plan, come
prepared, know your rights, and build a team who will support you. 

Cati Ellen says:

Good tips! An alternative to hiring a doula, which might not be possible
for everyone, is to have a friend who has had a natural birth themselves,
attend your birth. They may not be knowledgeable as a trained or
experienced doula, but they’ll likely have an intuitive ability to calm,
support, and encourage you. :o)

savedbygrace says:

I’m pursuing midwifery :) This video is AWESOME!! 😀 I so agree with what
you said about Doula’s being a support during labor, versus a midwife or
OB/GYN keeping things… Medically in check. I was considering becoming a
Doula for a long time! But, the Lord led me to Midwifery :) I’m so glad you
had such a wonderful homebirth! :D

caneli123 says:

I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first and planning for a natural birth. I
highly recommend Juju Sundin’s book Birth Skills. Obviously I haven’t
actually given birth yet, but since reading the book I feel like I actually
have natural strategies going into the labour to help me manage the pain.
For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a natural birth, but it was only
a few weeks ago that I realised I didn’t actually have any strategy – and I
certainly didn’t know what to expect! Thanks for the tips. Along with Birth
Skills, watching YouTubers stories and advice is helping me feel more and
more confident about the birth :) I’m going to do research now on doulas in
my area!

Cati Ellen says:

Also, use your intuition when choosing your caretaker! How does he/she
react when you say you want a natural birth? Does he/she scoff or roll her
eyes? Does she take you seriously? What’s their rate for c-sections?
What’s the hospital’s rate for induction? I was shocked to hear that 35%
of pregnancies at my local hospital are inductions, and the c-section rate
was about 1 out of 3 women. I wouldn’t damn an entire hospital just
because of those stats, but it definitely did indicate an overall attitude
toward natural birth. You really have to do your research.

Coco's Well says:

Yes! A supportive team is a must!!! :)

Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

Fantastic video! Thanks! New sub + Can’t wait to see more from you! :-)

Kathryn Huston says:

I think having a good relationship with your midwife or OB is a big one for
me. If I didn’t trust my midwife I’m not sure my labor would have gone so

marybethsuth says:

Wow! I hope you keep this up because I love, and agree with everything you
shared! It is so encouraging to see others that share the same Heath
principles! Thank you for sharing!! And I use charcoal too! Absolutely love

blackstarr5 says:

Totally. Rather than having to buy “stuff” this time around, my biggest
purchase will be my doula. But I know it’s gonna be so worth it!!

Coco's Well says:

That is a great one!! We had such wonderful support from both our midwives
:) They are the best!

Angela Fleming says:

Great tips!! I did not hire a doula but wish I had. My husband was an
amazing support to me so I feel blessed for that. Our son was born so
quickly I was able to get my natural childbirth experience. I’m thinking
for our next baby a doula is a must!

michelle dodd says:

I had a natural birth 7.5 years ago. My Doula was great but I am jealous of
your 5 hour labor! I was going strong for 18 hours, and that wasn’t the
laboring I did at home before the birth. I think if someone cant afford a
doula or find one for free then you have to make sure you only surround
yourself with people who will help support your exact birthing desires
going in. I cant imagine having anyone around who might have suggested
taking pain meds or anything else I didn’t originally want.

SasoriScorpio87 says:

I won’t lie I am nervous about child birth. I’m 21 weeks an I am hoping to
do it naturally but I don’t know how I will handle the pain. I am pretty
much just planning on taking it as it comes and see how I do. I do worry
that the doctor/nurses will try to pressure me into something I don’t want
to do bc sadly I will be delivering on base so I’m stuck with whoever is
available. I am staying positive though an I am so excited to see my baby.

Mama Natural says:

Nice tips!

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