The Complete Guide to Natural Birth Control

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Here in this video Dr. Akilah El explains in detail the various herbs, techniques and methods used for birth control. It is much safer to use these simple natural options for birth control than the harmful drugs given to women everyday.

Video time marks
00;00 – 01:27 – Disclaimer & Sexual Content Warning
01:27 – Inexperienced people giving herbal advice
04:26 – The pH levels of the vagina and uterus
05:45 – The pH levels of semen
08:18 – The pH levels in order to conceived
09:06 – Natural Spermicides
09:30 – Lemon and Lime Juice
12:40 – Neem Oil
14:16 – Garlic Oil
15:32 – Citronella Oil
16:52 – Natural Spermicide Intro
17:40 – Natural Spermicide produced by the vagina and Uterus
20:57 – Gloria’s Story
29:10 – Natural Spermicide Recipes
36:12 – Alternatives to the “Morning After Pill”
43:00 – Herbal Birth Control
51:26 – Natural Birth Control Methods
57:32 – Injaculation
01:06:00 – Conclusion

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Lisa Fournie says:

Lol, love your analogies…you are great…to funny. But, I watched a
science video on women that will get pregnant by a lover before their
husband…Maybe it is a more passionate thing for the women…or as you
say, does not want to take the husbands, A brain thing… But if having an
affair, reason for it and the brain and body knows it….wants the lovers
sperm instead of husbands…I am a teacher, into herbs wanted to go back to
school for it… but damn,,, you guys go as long as doctors… I believe in
herbs much more then scientific medication… thank you for all your

Lisa Fournie says:

I agree with Jamilah, someone needs to pick you up, for your own show…
forget Dr. Ozz, Dr. Phill and Opra…. think u could do it all…

Tylor Sewell says:

Thanks sister. But u said something about the women with the YANG. What is
yang? Also how would u get 10 drops of lemon inside of u?

Heather McAllister says:

wow! worth watching absolutely! My dream is to become a master herbalist,
this is so amazing thank you soooo much! 

Jamilah Garcia says:

i think you should have your own show. Your presence is very strong.

Safiar Taliaferro says:

Awesome. Thanks Dr. Akilah!

Bettertomorrow says:

Thank you so much for this video. Is the garlic oil really 100 percent
effective? I find it hard to trust it while I will love to stop taking the
pill. Please give me your feedback. Thanks

neon flux says:

Today is a good day, because I found Dr Akilah El. What an impressive,
empowering video – totally enjoyed, learnt so much and laughed too. I hope
you teach in schools?

Guttowsky4551 says:

Insects… Lol

trice g says:

Thanks siStar! This was so informative! I can relate to Neems Oil. I got
off of Depo Provera and starting using. Neems Oil. For over 1 year now.
Wish I knew about it earlier in my life however it am grateful to know it
now and I share it with as many people as possible. Continue to spread the
word. It is greatly appreciated. Peace

Ms. Alex says:

Okay so WILD YAM DOES WORK. You wouldn’t believe how little info there is
on this particular method.

adina r. thomas says:

Hello lady I’d highly appreciate your advice and your reaching me on this
matter RISKS PREGNANCY MID FORTIES and first time giving birth, in her, and
at present, fourth month she has signs of lack of sugar in the blood, she’s
a very good friend of mine, and I have always noticed her, shunning sweet
things so as not “lose the line ” please help and thanks aforehand adina

Bibi Landin says:

Excellent video! Any advice on vegan condoms?

meancookie89 says:

Moringa ….is one of the best …

jpdel323 says:

I just LOVE how informational your vids are Ms. Akilah El.

Jemema Joya says:

How do you know how much wen/yen (im sorry, i dont know how to spell it) i

hgib3 says:

Wow, this was incredibly informative, thank you! A friend of mine was just
speaking of her not knowing what to do about a non hormonal birth control
without using a latex condom due to a latex allergy, she will be exciting
to see this! This was right on time.

Ms. Akevia says:

Great vid!!!!

CreaTiveNaTive73 says:

Lmao, yo u r hilArious, lmao, grrrreAt vid btw,( by the way) thank u.

hannah ransom says:

The sympto-thermal method uses cervical fluid to determine when ovulation
is approaching, which sperm need to survive and swim and it increases with
the increase in estrogen before ovulation. Learn more about the
sympto-thermal method at my website (youtube won’t let me link anything!
You can see my site from my channel page). Let me know if you have any

HealingPowerHour says:

I think you are asking me how do you know how much “Yin” you have? Is that
what you asking me?

hgib3 says:

Wow, this was incredibly informative, thank you! A friend of mine was just
speaking of her not knowing what to do about a non hormonal birth control
without using a latex condom due to a latex allergy, she will be exciting
to see this! This was right on time.

CelestialHealing says:

Dr. Akilah said that the yin energy can be determined by your
characteristics and behavior. Very nurturing and gentle women are yin.

Jemema Joya says:

oh okay. Thank you!

Jemema Joya says:

Yes, I;m asking about Yin. :)

LykNo0tha says:

Very informative thanks Dr. A!!

CelestialHealing says:

Yes, the semen doesn’t have to leave the body through the penis. Men who
had vasectomies can in injaculate if they wish to. – Bruce

hannah ransom says:

I totally agree with you that there is really bad info about herbal stuff
online. Just to let you know, there is a method called the sympto-thermal
method that does NOT rely on past cycle calculations and is much better
than an ovulation predictor because usually ovulation predictor kits only
usually read ~36 hours before ovulation (which isn’t enough time of
abstinance to not get pregnant). The temperature method you can only use
time AFTER your temp goes up and stays to consider infertile.

VirtuousX23 says:

Thank You so much! Excellent video :)

HealingPowerHour says:

I understand your message perfectly. I have two teenage nephews who text me
like that so no worries and thank you for watching. :-) Peace and

Lover4S3XIEE69 says:

Can a man still Injaculate properly if he has undergone a vasectomy?

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