Preparing for Natural Childbirth

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Reading List:
*Thinking Womans Guide to a better birth- Henci Goer
*Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth- Ina May Gaskin
Childbirth Without Fear- Michael Odent & Grantly Dick-Read
*Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way- Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg
*The Pregnancy Book- William & Marth Sears
*Spiritual Midwifery-Ina May Gaskin
*Birthing from Within-Pam England
Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities- Henci Goer
*The Brith Book- William & Martha Sears
Natural Childbirth After Cesarean: A Practical Guide

*I’ve read the ones marked with an *

any questions just ask


NewMomMae2011 says:

Thank you so much for this video. I really enjoyed it and was able to take
a lot away from it. :)

Eve Peters says:

I don’t mean to be rude but your boobs have grown since the last video!!! I
am trying to have a Vaginal birth after C-section and also natural both my
son and daughter were born via c-section my son was more by choice because
my husband was going to training for 2 weeks on my due date next time
around I am not going to worry about that if he is gone he is gone if he is
home then he is home! I hope the later but God has a plan for us and I will
let him work it out!!!

dreamflight6000 says:

Great video!

vicsterrrful says:

You look so great in purple :)

Consider Eden says:

Childbirth Without Fear is my favorite. That is THE book that prepared me.
I gave it to my friend to read, though, and she said it was too dry to
read.. lol, so maybe I’m just weird.

InformationMommy says:

Great video ! I think more moms should talk about this experience !

Eve Peters says:

@rmmartin92405 I have heard of them but I haven’t checked in to it!! I just
couldn’t help but notice it when I watched your video!!!

KAvilez90 says:

I came across your vlogs, Lucy’s and Jeni’s all by mistake and I have to
say I love them all, your vlogs that you all do is like talking toa friend.
I have been watching the home birth stories and I love them. I am currently
pregnant with my second child and due in september . With my first son I
had him in the hospital and had an epidural but have been really wanting to
try and have an all natural birth. I am terrifed lol but really wanna do
it. any advice?

plus1please says:


Aliwisha1 says:

When I was in labor with my daughter Ella I had pitocin and right after
they broke my water the pain got very intense. My nurses told they wouldn’t
take my place and I needed the epidural! They really talked me into it
because I was fed with them being in my face and not wanting to help me!
They kept wanting to give me Stadol and Demerol as well which I didn’t
take. Thank You for this video! I hoping to have a VBAC with baby #2!

Our Wolfe Pack Life says:

@CandidMommy gravity is the best! Haha

Megan Martin says:

@CandidMommy grrr i mean gravity is common sense!! ever tried to poo laying
flat on your back?! no i dont think so!!

Megan Martin says:

@Bajangurl6 so many are unsupportive! its frustrating! good luck with your
next birth! i hope its another natural one for you! :)

KAvilez90 says:

@rmmartin92405 I’ve talked to my midwife about it today and she is all for
it =) I cant lie I am terrifed of trying all natural. With my 3 year old I
was induced and opted for a spinal which I totally and really regret! I
have been reading as much as possible! and the books you listed are awesome
I’ve gotten my hands on a few=)

Adri VL says:

good video! Thank you for the bibliography :)

Megan Martin says:

@Aliwisha1 THAT is what frustrates me is all the people who are supposed to
be “helping” are the ones saying oh honey you can’t do this you need some
help here ya go. good luck with your VBAC you CAN do it! look in to getting
a doula :)

DragonflySparrow says:

@Aliwisha1 Having a Doula & a birth-plan is SO important! Nurses can be
such bullies. Some of them think they know everything about birth… truth
is, they’ve never ever even seen a natural birth! For them, it’s always
been at hospital under hospital’s protocols & rules. If you don’t have a
Doula, have an advocate there that knows your birth-plan & will make sure
the nurses carry out your wishes, especially if you don’t want them to
tempt or coerce you into something you were originally against.

MrsBeckaCooper says:

I can’t believe I haven’t found your videos before now! Love, Love, Love
this video! Thank you for your input! I am expecting & due in February. I
am planning a natural childbirth and as others have mentioned, every one I
know thinks I’m crazy. I’ve warned that if they can’t be supportive (such
as my mother) then they WON’T be in my delivery experience. I need only
supportive people around. Thanks again!! :)

mercersweetheart says:

this video is really inspirational to me. I have yet to have kids, I just
got married the end of April. But, I plan on having a natural birth
whenever we decide to have kids. It is something important to both of us as
we know by being in the medical industry what pain medicine can do.

Megan Martin says:

@KAvilez90 thank you! i’d start with getting a supportive birth attendant
whether its a midwife, hospital or homebirth, and then get a doula, if you
can’t get a doula i’d read everything i could get my hands on and educate
myself till i was blue in the face. if you have any specific questions
about anything just ask :) i’d be happy to share anything i know.

Our Wolfe Pack Life says:

Thinking woman’s guide was amazing! My doula loaned it to me and I was so
grateful! Bradley book was enjoyable too :) I have a few friends and family
members that thought I was crazy for wanting birth #4 to be natural, but
I’m SO glad I did it. I would have always wondered if I could have done it.
I feel like I’m a stronger person than I was before.

Megan Martin says:

@hailiesue17 I think we feel stronger because there are SO MANY nay sayers!
and once we prove them wrong we realize well yes that was VERY hard work
but i did it! and i survived! :) congrats to you! i hope you are enjoying
your newest sweet baby boy!

Megan Martin says:

@jeanandcoltansmommy not rude lol i feel the same way its crazy! Good luck
with your VBAC! if you havent already check out the ICAN website :)

MBShrewsbury says:

Its def. a mind set.. With my first I had the epi right away and got it
done and over with.. With my second it was mine and my husbands goal to go
as natural as possible and we did it. NOW While I was almost ready to push
Was I ready to throw in the towel and take the epi YES, but I didn’t. Im so
proud of myself for being able to do that. Its a awesome feeling.

CandidMommy says:

Great reference! Lmao- gravity!

Megan Martin says:

@LiTTleCirCeMaSSaCre thanks and your welcome :)

Liz Greiner says:

I had a natural birth at 15 and used the bradley method..I would def
recommend it!

Megan Martin says:

@MBShrewsbury same here! transition was a BIA for me too! but at the same
time I knew to expect it and that it meant it was almost over anyway. It IS
an awesome feeling and I think most of that is because there are so many
people quick to say “oh you can’t do that” and then when we do its like,
“see! i told you i could!”

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