Preparing For Natural Birth

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These are the things that helped me prepare for and get through my natural labor and delivery.

Husband Coached Childbirth by Robert Bradley
Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel
The Official Lamaze Guide by Judith Lothian


VvEclatvV says:

Thank you for this video, I’m having a hard time finding Audio or Visual
training tools re: the Bradley Method. My husband is an Audio learner and
I’d like to find a better resource for him than a book. Any ideas? Great
and helpful info!

rachg09890 says:

I also read the first two books. The stories in Ina Mays book actually were
what got me interested in going natural! Great video! Love her cheeks!

AnasJourney says:

Charlotte is a good helper! She is so cute! her hair is so cute :) You are
brave for the natural birth – congrats! ♥

slun4evka says:

thanks! i’m watching it right now :)

thebabymuse says:

love this! it IS primarily a mental thing. with my oldest [induced], i was
so uneducated and fearful so i got an epidural after the first contraction.
with my 2nd [induced], i labored med-free, but didn’t want to feel birth so
i got another epidural at 7cm. with my 3rd, i wanted a natural birth and
didn’t give myself any other option. i can honestly say that, while labor
wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever, the BIRTH part didn’t hurt.
knowledge is power and positive thinking goes a LONG way.

PearlDahhhling says:

I actually was on my back, but reclined rather than flat and I was holding
my legs behind my knees and kind of pulling them towards me every time I
pushed. I had originally planned on using the squatting bar on the bed but
I had been in labor for 4 days at that point and had NO energy left for
squatting. The position they had me in worked just fine for me because
Charlotte came out in about 7-8 contractions. If she wouldn’t have come out
so quickly I probably would’ve changed positions.

siham azouggagh says:

Thank u so much for the video.. This has made me more comfortable about the

babycakesjk says:

How did you get through that moment where you thought,”fuck, I can’t do

eatschnitzel says:

I have read all of those! If you were liking Bradleys way of thinking My
was by far the best labor book we have found. Very orriented towards
helping the husband in aiding with the whole process and what is happening
inside your body. We are trying for our first birth in a birth center with
lovely midwives:) Love your videos!

MilenaThomas says:

If you don’t mind my asking – what position did you end up pushing in? I am
just now reading “Natural Hospital Birth” and she recommends anything but
lying on the back…did you do something different?

PearlDahhhling says:

Thank you!

bitsandclips says:

super interesting to hear your take on it! thanks!

ArmindaHeart says:

“Mom brain” never goes away, but I got everything you were saying so you’re
good lol. Also, another thing women do is induce labor because they can’t
stand the dreaded due date. This can lead to many problems and often times
results in a c-section. I heard or read that women outside the US start
labor 5-6 days after the due date on average and labor can last days, where
here, hospitals rush everything like you said. My mom was in labor for 3
days with her first baby, all natural. Great vid!!

slun4evka says:

Thank you for this video! What is your opinion on orgasmic birth and do you
think it’s possible to really not feel pain during labour and delivery?
Your baby is just the cutest! <3

KittyLovesHerSailor says:

I think you are so right. Giving birth natural is a lot to do with mental.
I was actually expecting labor to hurt a lot worse! I never even thought of
reading books about natural labor! I got stuck at 8 and the doctors said it
was because I was so tense so maybe if I would have read some books on how
to relax I could have gone all the way! Taking note of that for next time!

SunshineDaydreamist says:

<3 <3 Thank You!!!!!

The290ss- Daily vlogs, recipes, tutorials and more! says:

great video hun she is so cute <3 xoxo

MUSleger says:

lol, I love your hippie dippie comment!

Zdena Ledvinková says:

hello :-) could you please write down the books you are recomending in the
video? I found just one.. thanks a million :-)

Ctownqt8 says:

totally possible!! i had a pain free labor and birth and im total wuss lol
check out my L&D :)

jonasnjennlove says:

Charlotte looks so comfortable! :) Great video, very informative/helpful.

Meggi Songa says:

Thanks for this video, I know my comment is late but I found this very
helpful! What brand of tea do you recommend?

RenaeLaunderlife says:

Awesome vid, Sierra! You are an amazing mama! Remind me of this vid when
it’s my turn ;).

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