Painful to Peaceful Natural Childbirth (A Comparison)

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In this video I share the differences of both my home birth experiences, as well as the key factors that transformed my previously traumatic experience into a painless, peaceful way of welcoming our child.

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The Kandu Family says:

I hope you guys get an in-depth perspective on what I felt made a huge
difference the second time around! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Ljomi says:

Thank you so much for posting this! This is very helpful. I really
appreciate this perspective and insight :-) 

Ashton DeFusco says:

Did you have the same midwife for both pregnancies? 

evyxoxo says:

Thank you for sharing…

Jenna Leifeste says:

I am due November 17th with my first child, and am doing a home birth. For
me, this decision was unquestionable from the moment my husband and I found
out we were pregnant. I recognize the benefits of modern medicine in
extreme cases, but a lot of people seem to have forgotten that birthing is
what us womens’ bodies were made to do and it doesn’t need to be something
we have any level of distrust towards. Our bodies know what to do; the
biggest complications seem to arise when we try to rush it or fight it. I
am studying and practicing the Mongan method of hypnobirthing and I am
excited to use it and to see what my body is capable of. Most of all, I
want to laugh during my birthing experience. I want a peaceful birth. I
want an orgasmic birth. And it makes me very happy to see that others are
having their births the way they want them. Thanks so much for sharing! I
have thought that the mental aspect of birth will be the biggest obstacle
to overcome, and I feel ready now to take that on. All the best to you and
your beautiful family <3

TheGenghisKhunt says:

You didn’t actually name your kids Love and Elovie, did you? The second is
rather nice as a name, but the first? And both together? Bad. 

Lydia Rosli says:

u so beautiful and very calm..i was in 39weeks now…i just wanna wait
until my baby really wwant to come out..i dont want rushing. u told
us very knowledge for me..thank u

Growing Baby says:

Thank you for sharing this – we need more positive experience stories out
there :)

Tiggelbitties2 says:

How much weight did you gain each pregnancy? 

dreamflight6000 says:

I had a traumatic birth the first time around. 4th degree tear, vacuum
assisted, needed a blood transfusion and was back in the hospital a week
later with an infection. Second birth was only 8 hours start to finish. I
didn’t let them break my water and did it all naturally, (I also stayed
home as long as I could 8cm) I did tear on my own 2nd degree but much
better than a 4th! Thanks for sharing. I am expecting my third in March.
You inspire me!

SwappFamily says:

Thank you so much for making this video. My first birth was less than
perfect and I have a lot of anxiety for my second labor/ delivery that I
plan to do naturally and this video gives me so much more confidence that I
can have an enjoyable labor! Thank you! 

Tiggelbitties2 says:

Did you get any stretch marks

StateOfGrace says:

I was terrified of childbirth until I found your videos, you’ve changed my
perspective on so much, thank you! 

Cissy Watkins says:

I saw the birth of your Second child which is what pushed me to have a
natural birth. I’m pregnant now but I never saw how your daughter was born.
Very night and day! I’m going to continue with my yoga and meditation and
try to relax. With me luck

Sofia loretta says:

Thank you. I’m expecting my third and will be taking on board your points
and tips.
I had two labours like your first and I’m hoping to have a third like your

Did u use any pain relief? Or was this completely natural ? 

epiphanyjayne says:

amazing. love your thoughts about your births.

Superbun2003 says:

Does stiching hurt?

Sade Reyes says:

Thank you for posting this! I’m due with my second in Dec and I so rushed
my first baby but this time I would love to have a natural birth and let my
body take over.

Jenica Adkins says:

Wow thanks so much for sharing !!!

Katie French says:

You invite us to watch the second birth and yet it is marked “private” and
unavailable for viewing. 

Sassy Green Garden Diva says:


Trong Tri Tran says:

Now I know what it is.

Hailey McCown says:

So when you are pushing to try to get the baby out you don’t think about
what’s going on just think of something else???

Ayesha Orange says:

Thank you for this. I am expecting my first child and this was very

TheOrdinarygirl05 says:

Very inspirational! I hope my second pregnancy and birth go differently
than my first as well. My first was frank breech and posterior. I did
spinning babies, chiropractic, and finally 4 attempts at an ECV and she
never would flip. It ended up being a non-medicated labor and finally a
C-Section. I still feel as if there could have gone differently. I still
feel like there was not enough done…next time I will be going the route
of an experienced midwife for a VBac. I still feel had I had a midwife it
would have gone differently.

Ann Rita Tran says:

Cartwheels?! Wow!

AdaptandEvolve says:

the second birth is marked private, and i cannot view it… :/

Jenny Marsh says:

loved it

mary mcay says:


Shannon Henson says:

Watching this gave me the courage to look into this method. I had my first
in a hospital via c-section and they forced the birth. I was induced. a
resident accidently broke my water and when all was said and done she
clearly born too early. Next time I may try this.

Nyree Yali says:

Thanks so much for the comparison! I was going to do Hypnobirthing this
time (currently 26 weeks with #2), but then I heard about Hypnobabies &
decided that sounded like the better program of the two. Great to see you
had such a great experience with it :)

Kowkids says:

thank you for your comments! On my third pregnancy and I’ve been induced
due to bad cases of pre-eclampsia and I’m trying to make this birth the
medicine free birth I’ve always wanted. Trying to go into this birth as
prepared as possible to try to make things different, even switched doctors
to one that is more along the same views as myself! Still having a
hospital birth with my track record but hoping to do so naturally and
without being induced!

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