Natural Childbirth & Waterbirth Facts, Benefits for Mom & Baby

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Natural Childbirth & Waterbirth Facts, Benefits for Mom & Baby

In this video, Life Coach Marie Black discusses some facts about natural waterbirthing and why she has chosen this path for her upcoming delivery. She talks specifically about how pain and discomfort can be cut by 50% due to the relaxing and muscle-loosening properties of a warm bath. She also talks about the benefits for the baby and for mama to have a more relaxed birthing than what may happen in the hospital—lots of stress, forms to fill out and a need to educate yourself about the various interventions and assistance that will arise.

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Linda Weaver says:

Smart approach on birthing. Lessen worry on your due date by doing a little
research for yourself.

Tamar Harrington says:

You have obviously had your baby by now. Did you end up having a water
birth? Was it what you expected/hoped for, and in particular did it reduce
pain effectively?

jackque martin says:

@Cobrachoppergirl YOUR HOPELESS!! im a mother of my only son.. and my life
is not complete without my baby boy. And hoping to have a baby girl soon

LadySeraph says:

pregnancy scares me o.o


@cobrachoppergirl your an idiot, seriously.

jozina1 says:

I have tried a water birth. It didn’t work for me. But I have to say I am
not a water person, I don’t partculairly like swimming and being in the
water. But I do recommend a waterbirth, on the conditions that you love
being in the water. Than it’s very propable that it will work for you. Hope
you have a good birth experience!

moondear jackson nyambe says:

hmmm this topic is new to me..first time am hearing waterbirth,,,well seems
reasonable ,,though i must admit may be a bloody site though,.iiwwlll.

Myaucat says:

she is going to have a baby and she is taking an active role in educating
herself in her birthing options. she wants to share with others what she
has learned, bring more awareness about birthing options, and she is free
to do a video about it. WTF is your problem? you’re the crazy one.

Emily Capt says:

How can you reccomend a childbirth option having not tried it? What if you
have your water childbirth and dislike it?

nitoro81 says:

With waterbirth you end up in a bath of blood.

aaron medina says:

Baby boy doesnt want to be circumsized!!!!

MsHoneyBBQ says:

first of all, congrats on your first baby! :) this was really great. i’m
not planning to have kids soon, but i’ve always thought about this and i
enjoyed your info. do u plan to document ur actual birth at all? after
seeing this, i think it would be great to see how it all went for u and
what your afterthoughts are. ^_^

alleycatalog says:

I love videos like this. I had two natural births with a midwife, although
not underwater. I would do it again. Not that I plan on any more babies,
but you never know.

Mariah Craig says:

Actually, mother nature could easily support us all. It is the way we live
that is selfish. Why don’t you stop being a dumbass? That’ be nice.

Necator Nimrod says:

who is this woman and why is she dispensing advice on birth? she doesn’t
have any education in this area – she isn’t even a mother yet (not that
having given birth would qualify her)… She read something on some
website??? craziness…

RawrNinjabubbles says:

I was a water birth baby :)

Nik McKellar says:

@cobrachoppergirl The world will be destoryed by fire then recreated with
no water whatsoever except the River of Life, in regards to your comment,
children must be born to conteniue the blood line of their ancestors plus
Yeshua said ages ago ” Be fruitful and Multiply”

Blughostin says:

Spirit Animal: Iguana

1ballerina says:

in a water birth I would think, after a while, all the dirt from underneath
your nails and elsewhere will combine with the water, then the child comes
out not to air, but to water…then all that dirty water goes into your
body when the baby comes out…just doesn’t seem clean.


Stop making babies people, the world is grossly over populated and mother
nature has had enough. She can’t support all the ones we have now. Having
kids is about the most selfish thing in the world anybody could possibly
ever do.

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