Natural Childbirth – Warning Non-medicated No Pain Meds No epidural

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Giving birth naturally. Natural Childbirth video – no pain meds, no epidural, non-medicated natural labor. Cut to only the crazy and more intense part of the labor in this shortened to-the-point version of Jackson’s childbirth. Newborn baby born without amniotic fluid, dry birth, all natural drug free labor and childbirth delivery VBAC.


mimi rodriguez says:

omq im pregnant with my first child and i am thinking of going withought
epidural and watching this video just made me TERRIFIED of giving birth !

Neskylicious says:

I’m expecting in a few more weeks, and planing to have it with no pain meds
also, but a bit terrified i wont be able to handle it :S

gmsjuan74 says:

thats the way i give birth too. no pain meds. wouldnt have it any other
way. i’m now expecting my sixth child. =) says:

I did not mean to make it look painful. I actually did not even realize I
was being filmed at the time. It was a dry birth, though I didn’t realize I
had no amniotic fluid – complications that were not realized. My son’s
abdomen was swollen with fluids as well, so it made it more difficult in
the birthing process… I didn’t move because I honestly felt I couldn’t,
or didn’t want to…I didn’t know what to do. It all worked out.

SabrinasTVTube says:

She makes this look so painful! why did she not try a different birthing
position? I heard laying on your back is horrible..maybe it would have
helped the baby come out with less pain..js

Madison Adams says:

is this the birth of jackson?

Genn Monroe says:

a couple times I thought you were gonna fall off the bed.

Love4music0397 says:

Props to you. I am due in a few weeks, and I really want to go all natural.
But I shouldn’t have watched these youtube vids lol. But I am going to try
really hard, and just think pain is only temporary. But amazing job.

mommy2kjy says:

Wow…good for you!! I couldn’t do it. I had an epidural when I had my
daughter because I wasn’t brave enough to go through with it unmedicated.
Props to you and all the other moms who deliver 100% natural!

Forest fields says:


Teres Burns says:

Where was this? Sounds just like my daughter’s doc! You did an awesome
job!!! says:

Nope. Got my medal, and he is the BEST! Got 6 in all actually. And the
title just explains what the video shows. If you think it’s full of ego to
state there’s no meds involved, then that’s your take on it, and it’s all
good. Fact is that most births today, in this country, do involve meds and
epidurals. Some of my own births have actually. So, I was just trying to
point out what this birth was, and what people would be seeing.

Fairy stephy says:

goodness gracious she’s a hero ♥ wow. you see me i wanted to do for at
least my 1st child in the future for a long and i told my mother it and she
laaughed and laaaughed lololol

aryanna haynie says:

more power to you momma. I’m getting an epidural. but this is really

Forest fields says:

You are AMAZING. I could never do this.

malakoz says:

man i hate childbirth, i love the end result but the actual labor is a bitch says:

yes, shorter version showing just the most intense parts of the labor and
delivery, with the added clip showing more of him after he was born.

desert girl says:

iam pregnant and iam thinking bout the pain meds if i had them i will not
feel any pain???

janetsenoj8488 says:

I’m due in a few weeks and I’m aiming for a natural child birth and im sooo
nervous….but this is all helpful.

vicky hill says:

the egotism of this title! do you want a medal or something?

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