Natural childbirth video compilation ones with muslim midwife

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Ossif Mama says:

So why men are wachting this and saying it has nothing to do with Islam? As
a Muslim women this is one of the reasons why Muhammed said mother three
times, child birth is far from easy that’s why if a woman dies in child
birth she goes to Jenna. It’s not your or my place to judge this women, and
you knew what you were going to see when you clicked on the video so please
don’t act higher than non Muslims. Maybe you should say subhanallah and
call your mother a thank her for giving birth to you now that you’ve seen
what she must have gone through.

MsFarzee says:

This is not an Islamic birth I don’t care that the MIDWIFE chick on this
vid is a “Muslim” and the cursing and buck naked having baby? Girl, bye!

ِAbdullah .H says:

what is the business Islam in this video?

osmatoma123 says:

0_0 i just saw myself getting born

Christian Mollet says:

Je vé appelé la police

cookie ville says:

Eww so gross the dad saw the mother naked 

Mauve*Magic says:

I don’t give a rats ass about you not liking my comment…free
country…free speech

Fallen says:

yea, but why mention the muslim midwife? strange…

Sperry411 says:

Why they are not wearing a gown or something? 

Chiu Pang says:


Adriano Rosa Dos Santos says:

Não a amor maior do q ser mae

Eric Lim says:

Disunity shit

Lilly Gordon says:

she was one fast baby to me

Bimal Karki says:

thanks god…

명안산 says:

Natural childbirth video compilation ones with mu…:

cecilia says:

so fake

leasia fisher says:

This is
So beautiful

coco phop says:


Suchinta Khati says:
I Se7eNzS1Nz I says:

At least she was shaved, If i was there i would have jumped on her and
fucked her

Rulida Romida says:


GS Sway says:


Caleb Calizo says:
Majestic Penut says:


Muhammed Akgun says:

pudtan chutitre says:
Mohammed Alkendi says:
leasia fisher says:

This is
So beautiful

paw pru says:


joan san manaol says:
molly mutc says:


วรรณชาติ น้ำกลั่น says:

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