Natural Childbirth Tips From Midwives : Placenta Delivery

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Delivery of the placenta is the last stage of labor, and the placenta is the organ that sustains the baby’s life inside the uterus, or womb. Learn about patient delivery of the placenta with help from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on placenta delivery.

Expert: Michelle Collins
Bio: Michelle Collins has more than 20 years of experience in the field of maternal-child health, first as a labor, delivery and pediatric nurse, and currently as a certified nurse-midwife.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


tamemeifyoucan says:

I’m actually not so worried about the pain of delivering a child but is
delivering the placenta painful? That worries me the most. I plan on having
a home water birth for my first child is this unwise?

sultansempire says:

when do you think an umbilical cord should be cut? should it be cut when it
stops pulsing? how long can that take up too? is there any advantages from

jessicasheree says:

at least there are no bones in the placenta.

snowflakeinorlando says:

@tamemeifyoucan . Delivering a baby is actually mor epainful then the
placenta. You just feel something “ooze” out… Does not hurt at all…. :-)

Trippinoutmysoul says:

I see there are no other comments here, so I thought I’d leave something.
I’m leaning heavily toward and unassissted home birth with my next (3rd)
child, and found this video very helpful and informative. A lot of the
material I’ve seen focuses mainly on the birth of the baby and leaves out
delivery of the placenta. So thank you for posting this!

tamemeifyoucan says:

@snowflakeinorlando thank you : )

sirenamber says:

@poplamasiv They probably gave you Pitocin which is the synthetic version
of a natural hormone called Oxytocin. Oxytocin is released when the mother
breastfeeds; so if you just breastfeed your baby your body releases that
drug naturally, and prompts contractions for the placenta to be birthed.

poplamasiv says:

Honestly i was in labour for 24 hrs it was PAINFULL pushing took me n hre
but as soon as i gave birth the lady gave me n injection n she said this
will help the placenta contract fast i give the lady 10 out 10 for it i
honestly think 1st time mums to watch this it tacks tones of ur mind

2tanners says:

I actually enjoyed delivering the placentas, as the babies too!!

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