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ceyhun aytekin says:

“And than I felt this unstoppable urge to put my video on Youtube so that
everyone could see my bare ass. I was first booed by my relatives. “What!
You are nuts or some shit” said my cousin. I could not understand why she
was reacting this way.” 

Vivian Penn says:

I don’t recommend that you allow a child to witness such an event. They
really don’t understand the particulars in this situation, I highly don’t
recommend it. You must protect your children against this kind of thing.
They don’t need to see or hear their mom in such pain or discomfort. Just
explain to them that there is a special place where mommies have that allow
us to carry the babies and when it’s time God allow mommy to have their
siblings. That’s good enough for a child to know at that tender age. :-)
:-) They don’t have to know everything at one time. 

Diana Flores says:

I would really love it if my husband was a part of my labor i pray to god
everyday so he can be there

Tutune Pan says:

this position seems more comfy than staying on the back

Vivian Penn says:

I personal would feel uncomfortable laying on my baby with my body weight.
Some babies are not born this fast, so I would not recommend this position
to other mothers, butt to each it own. God bless you! You done a beautiful

ugottabejokinright says:

Very interesting! I’ve not seen anyone give birth in that position. I’m due
12/31 w/1st so watching some videos on different methods

محمد علي says:

ارجو عرض عملية كورتاج كامله من لحظة إجراء الفحص النسائي

Kris Underwood says:

Congrats on your little one :) You did great momma! And dad, good job being
the best support to your woman. You both did wonderful. I will be doing the
same in just 6 weeks :)

blackbootparty says:

Now imagine having to immediately return to the cotton fields and continue

Mrs. Ashley Frazier says:

Thanks for sharing your experience as it is encouraging me to do the same
in 6 weeks. God bless!

Mslcool2 says:

вот придурки, еще бы совсем вверх ногами рожали.

محمد علي says:

ارجو عرض عملية كورتاج كامله من لحظة إجراء الفحص النسائي

Eric Sparks says:

Amazing and beautiful!

Maria Granditsky says:


David Escobar says:
Arianna Pena says:

This is beutiful

tantie yorin says:

Bidan bodoh tak mau tarik saja

Masoma Alizadah says:


Celio Lourenço Felix says:


Tina Erickson says:

Bebe Bebe says:

Lol bvb

ChildbirthTV says:

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