Natural Childbirth of Twins

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tamika starks says:

listen to any women who gives birth the natural way god bless them. but
either way with two pushes my son came out. so i will not complain in
regards to the pain, min, and i had no drugs. but that is the way she gave
birth and it is not up to any one to judge, fuck you, you had your children
that way and she had hers this way. what is the problem? God bless any
child born in this world alive. congrads

Deborah Olsen says:

I can’t stand birth this way. I had a baby at home one time – THAT was
natural childbirth, with no interference from the “stuff” that this woman
had strapped to her, and no IV! (I’ve given birth to my first one the same
way she did in the hospital. If I had my choice, I would NEVER give birth
that way again!) It was not “natural” childbirth. The mother clearly had an
epidural, which takes away all pain, her legs were in stirrups, with her
lying there like a beached whale unable to get up because of a strapped-on
monitor, which forces her to lie flat on her back and push upward against
gravity to get the baby out, and the unfeeling-no-expression-nurse did an
episiotomy, only to save 5 minutes, which gives the mother immense pain for
weeks afterward! What is natural about all this?! …Well, at least she
didn’t have to have them yanked from her severed abdomen, as I did once. As
you can see from the photo, I have multiples, but you can’t see that they
are triplets. The doctor kept saying that he would not even let me do a
trial birth with triplets, only with twins, and after searching, I was
unable to find any midwife or doctor who would assist me in having the
natural birth I desired with triplets (I knew my body could do it!), so
their birth was a very unpleasant experience, not the fun I would have
enjoyed if I had had them naturally, just being allowed to let the tiny
babies (5 and a half, 5 and a half, and 4 and a half pounds) come out
one-by-one, but I am still happy that I have 3 little ones, though it would
have been a lot easier to have them in different years!

Laurita Stephanie Rodriguez says:

Hey ¿why the doctor doesn´t put a mask in her mouth?

Khaleq Arkani says:

So hard to pushing

林佳均 says:


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